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Welcome to 'Sweet Talk' where I'll be highlighting some phrases in other languages that I think we can all connect with!

This week we're learning some Korean! @AlloBaber already talked about Kpop before, but this time I'll highlight one of the most famous artists: G-Dragon!
He's already collaborated with artists like Skrillex so you might have heard of him even if you aren't in the Kpop scene.
This song is really heartbreaking because he wants the girl he loves to know that the guy she is seeing is a TOTAL jerk (cheating on her, lying, just being the worst) but she won't believe him.

Here's a phrase we can learn from the song:

Listen at 0:49 to hear the Korean phrase!

네가 슬퍼할 때면 (nega seulpeohal ttaemyeon) - When you're sad

나는 죽을 것만 같다 (naneun jukeul geotman gatda)- it's like I'm dying.

네가 슬퍼할 때면 나는 죽을 것만 같다 -

When you’re sad, I feel like I’m dying

See full english lyrics here!

Have you ever tried to save someone you love from heartbreak?

AHHH, this is my favorite GD song!
no, I've learned heartbreak is bound to happen
Heartbreaks are sadly usually the best lessons
I find it funny that it sounds like they're censoring the song with well placed beeps.
ill run in without thinking
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