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GUYS!!! HELP!!!! So I just encountered a problem. The beginning of this year I got tickets to a Day6 fan meeting in the US! So happy! I was gonna go on the 15th of this months. As the month of April came I was more and more excited to see them especially since I got the most expensive ticket! Recent i just got a notice that the event was postponed to August! Yes AUGUST!!!! The company is willing to give a refund to the people that request it. And I'm not sure if I should just wait for the fan meeting or get a refund? Please help me!!! I need advice!
same here I was going to see them in LA but it got cancelled... Personally I am just going to hang on to the ticket because it was a pretty good seat... But if you need or want the money back then you should get a refund, there are people always selling theirs online so I'm sure you can find another ticket when the time comes.
refund buy it again later the end
That's a bummer! I would probably get a refund and wait untilJuly or whenever they ticketing opens to re-purchase just incase there is another delay!
Oyyy thats a really tough decision. Do you know if they'll give a refund if it doesnt work out in August? Do you think you'd be free in August to go or will you not be around?