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Each Monday I'll be giving you guys three songs to get you motivated for the week!

Have a great week guys :3

1. 2NE1 - Pretty Boy

"Wanna flow with me? I can't do that
Wanna dance with me? You can't do that
Don’t mistake me to be the same as other girls"

2. VIXX - Love Equation

"Don’t shed those typical tears anymore
The end doesn’t always have to be sad
My emotions are different from others"

3. Monsta X - Rush

"Don’t think too hard, follow your heart
Don’t hesitate, just take the next step"

Anyone have something happening this week!?

@Ercurrent aww thank you that's very kind 😊
@P1B2Bear @kpopandkimchi my twin sister and I separated when we started college and it wasn't the easiest time...if you guys wanna talk about it or need any kind of encouragement I'm always happy to listen😊
2 major exams. Just finished an emergency department clinical rotation. Haha and then binge (re)watching secret garden when my tests are done.
my sister recently moved away so I'm adjusting to that XD
saven day work week. thank you for the card. it will help me survive haha
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