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Each Monday I'll be giving you guys three songs to get you motivated for the week!

Have a great week guys :3

1. 2NE1 - Pretty Boy

"Wanna flow with me? I can't do that
Wanna dance with me? You can't do that
Don’t mistake me to be the same as other girls"

2. VIXX - Love Equation

"Don’t shed those typical tears anymore
The end doesn’t always have to be sad
My emotions are different from others"

3. Monsta X - Rush

"Don’t think too hard, follow your heart
Don’t hesitate, just take the next step"

Anyone have something happening this week!?

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@Ercurrent what a beautiful plan!
@P1B2Bear @kpopandkimchi my twin sister and I separated when we started college and it wasn't the easiest time...if you guys wanna talk about it or need any kind of encouragement I'm always happy to listen😊
saven day work week. thank you for the card. it will help me survive haha
@Ercurrent aww thank you that's very kind 😊
Wow this is very helpful ^-^