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We're back with another Date Idea Tuesday!

I will try to post one date idea each Tuesday so that, if you want to try this, you have time to get ready before Friday night.

Remember, these dates are perfect for your significant other, or just with friends!

What you need:

1. A friend or partner
2. Willingness to learn
3. A cooking class to attend!
((Totally stole this from my friend's instagram hahaha))

This is a really fun way to spend time together, learn something new, break from routine, and of course, EAT!

A local (pricey) cooking store chain near my home, Sur La Table, offers pretty fancy cooking classes each week! According to my friend the classes are "expensive but worth it."
You can also find classes sponsored by your city, or a local cultural center! Plus bakeries are more and more frequently offering baking classes!
My mom and I took a 2 month long cooking class (every Tuesday!) and we got certified to be line chefs! I don't know if I'll ever use that certificate but some of the tricks I learned still totally come in handy!
(Spoiler alert, I learned the secret to chopping onions and my salsa game went up SO MANY LEVELS)

It's a really fun and you usually get to eat whatever you make :)

Has anyone taken a cooking class or any other kind of extra curricular class you enjoyed?!

@sophiamor hmmm HMMM another castle does sound tempting but i would prefer useing my own culinary chamber's
@arnelli you're cooking in someone else's castle if you go to a class ;) Or do you mean, you never leave your castle for fear of it catching fire while you're gone?!
@sophiamor You can drop by my place for a middle eastern feast if you ever pass through Sydney Sophie.
@InPlainSight That sounds awesome! The cooking class my mom and I did was exploring different Italian foods. It was actually SO informative!
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