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I've been a fan of K-pop ever since discovering the bubbly music and the ever-so amazing (*cough cough* hip thrust) dance choreography. Naturally, I couldn't help myself but notice all the gorgeous hairstyles of the K-pop stars. I have no idea how they changed their hair so often but every comeback you're bound to see a new cut or color.

One hairstyle that caught my attention is the short waves.

As seen above, the styling method is a softer version of a crimped hair. The wave style depends on how you clasp your flat iron. Take a look below to see different variations of this styling technique.
Ham Eun Jung (T-ARA) is seen with smaller waves. It's probably done with a mini flat iron and lots of texturizing spray.
Park Shin Hye's wave is a lot wider and softer. The stylist probably did 1-2 clasp max.
IU sporting a similar style as Park Shin Hye but a more brushed out look.
@kimleekwonshin I can relate! My hair was getting annoying to wash so I decided to chop it off. My only complain is there isn't much hairstyles to try. So glad, there's something for shorter hair gals! :)
I love Park Shin Hye's short hair. I just love short hair. I can't deal with long hair. Its too much to handle. Now I know how to style my hair as soon as I cut it
@kimleekwonshin Glad you found this helpful! I'm planning to do more short hair series! Let me know if you want me to tag you in the future!