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- Boram's point of view - Over the last couple months, Yoongi's been trying to talk with me. If he asks about anything other than music I tell him I'm busy or ignore him. Which has kept these text "conversations" pretty short and to the point, almost nonexistent. That first one was a total fluke, he at least honestly seemed interested in a recommendation and hearing my opinion about his songs. Since then, his texts have been very frequent, pretty much daily, sometimes a couple in a day. I don't respond to most of them, but he keeps sending them anyway. He's fairly awkward. He doesn't have much to say when he says it's about music. I think he's just realized that that's the only thing I'll respond to. I've tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but something's gotta give. I'm not entirely sure what's going on in his head. I also don't know why Hoseok even let him have my number in the first place. He was pissed at him before. I need to ask him about this. I know this Taehyung goes through his phone, but I've never dealt with anyone else texting me. Plus, he texts from Hoseok's phone. Since Yoongi was texting from his own phone, I just assumed he'd asked for it. "Hey. I need to ask you something" I'm sure he'll text me back immediately. He'll probably be shocked I texted him first. "Hi! What's up?" "Did you get my number from Hoseok?" "Yeah" "I mean did you walk up to him and ask him for it, and then he gave it to you" "Sorta" Fuck this. I'll call the kid. It's easy to lie over text, not so easy when I can hear it in his voice. It rings a few times. This is such an uncomfortable thing to have to address. "Hello?" "Yoongi, did you walk up to Hoseok, ask him for my number, and did he then give you my number?" "No." "Then how did you get my number? I'd like to know." He sighs. "I paid Taehyung for the code to his phone. I got your number from it while he was sleeping." Does he have no shame? He just admitted something like that with little to no remorse. "Why the fuck did you even want my number that badly?" His voice is quiet. "I just wanted to talk to you about music." "Then why are you texting me all the time about things completely unrelated to music. And when you do ask about music, it's awkward and seems forced." "If you won't talk to me about anything other than music, then I'll text you about music." "That doesn't tell me why you're asking about other things." He's not asking weird things. Just asking how I'm doing and if I respond, I respond bluntly to cut him off. But occasionally he'll ask a random more personal question. Those I blow off. He doesn't need to know my likes or dislikes. "I want to know you more." "Why? You know me plenty. Aside from Namjoon, you know me better than any of the other guys. You don't need to know more than you already do." I'm too nice. I should have cut him off at the knees when he said he took my number like that. What a creep; he paid that boy to get my number. That's almost worse than Taehyung just going and looking at things. He's just troublesome and lacks a bit of a conscience, but this is just sick. "Why does Namjoon get to know so much about you, but I don't? What makes him so special? I should be allowed to know more about you, too." "Namjoon knows what he knows because he talks with Hoseok about me. He's genuinely interested in how his friend's life is going. You on the other hand, I have no idea why you want to know about me." "I just want to know you more." "I want an actual reason." "I don't know why. I just feel like I need to know you more. I have too." "Look, I get that we like similar music. That's great. But that's all we have in common. That is the extent of your knowledge about me, and you don't need to know more." I'm being really compassionate here. I'm trying not to hurt his feelings. I don't want to cause issues for anyone. "Yes I do. If you'd just try to get to know me and let me know you, then I bet you'd find out we have a lot of things in common." "No, we wouldn't! You need to stop! This is weird! God, I almost wish you'd have just kept disliking me." "No you don't! Please don't be like that Boram! That's not like you at all!" He thinks he knows me. I can't be nice. Apparently he needs it broken to him a lot more directly, because he's becoming desperate. I'm trying to keep Hoseok out of this, I don't need them fighting about it. "If I had to choose between dealing with this awkward, fucked up situation that you alone have created or you silently hating me, I'd immediately pick that silent hatred." He's practically whining. "No, you wouldn't! You'd never want that! You tried so hard to make me like you, you wanted this! You said you don't like people disliking you!" "I also don't like people stalking me! Especially when they're supposed to be friends with my boyfriend! Do you realize how messed up that is?" "Of course I do. I know how wrong it is to feel this way, but when it comes to you I honestly can't help it." "What can't you help?" "I really like you Boram. I like you a lot. So much that it hurts me to know you two are together. I think I might even love you." Love! Is he on drugs! "No. No you don't love me." "Yes I do, you're always on my mind! You're caring, you're so sweet, you're confident, you're strong, and you can make me happy when I'm mad. You're the first girl that's gotten me to talk so easily; I mean, I laughed with you and I even apologized for how I treated you. Most importantly you could see past my flaws and see that I was a good person. You made me feel special Boram." "Stop! You need to stop! I'm not indulging this any further. I'm sorry you somehow deluded yourself by creating this fictional idea of me liking you that way, but it's not real. At this point, I don't much care for you at all." "Boram you know you like me! I'd be perfect for you! We'd be so great together! We're so much alike! I'd treat you so much better than Hoseok! I'd fight for you, I'd never let anyone say mean things to you like he does, because I'm strong! He's nothing compared to me! You know that and so do I!" Oh my God, what the hell did I do to him! "You don't know me at all. Leave me alone. Let it go Yoongi. There never was, and there's never going to be, anything between us. I'm sorry." I hang up. I have no idea how the hell that happened. He started acting weird after one conversation, and over half of that conversation was me being a total bitch. That boy's got issues if he's attracted to girls who tear him down like that. I have to tell Hoseok, I don't want to lie to him. I don't want to create issues for him, but I can't keep something this important from him. He'll lose it immediately if I tell him though, and I won't be there to stop him from doing something. - Hoseok's point of view - "Boram! Why are you calling me? I usually call you. Is everything okay?" "Yeah, it's fine. Is Namjoon around by any chance?" "He's in the other room, why?" "Is he busy?" "I don't think so. Why?" "I need to talk to him, it's very important. Would you please let me?" "Why?" "I'll tell you as soon as I'm done talking to him, okay? I promise." "Okay." I walk to the other room. Why does she need to talk to him so badly? "Namjoon. Are you busy?" "Not really, what's up?" I hold out my phone. "Boram says she really needs to talk to you about something." He takes it. "About what?" "She wouldn't tell me. She just said that it's important." He starts talking. "Hello?" "Hi. Is everything okay?" He looks like he's worried. I don't think she's saying anything good. She's been talking for a while and he's shaking his head and seems to be getting more stressed out. I hate only getting half of the conversation. "He really did that? He did all of that?" "Fuck. Well, I get why you told me first. I appreciate it. I'm sorry this happened. I don't know why he'd do anything like that. It's completely unlike him. I'll do my best to keep everything together and make sure nothing happens." "No problem. This isn't at all your fault, so don't worry. You couldn't have known that he did that, so don't stress it." "Alright. I'll give the phone back to him." He holds the phone out. "Here." I figured he'd walk away, but he's not. He's just standing there waiting. Is what she's going to tell me that bad? "Boram? What's going on?" "I have to tell you something and there's absolutely no way to say this that isn't going to set you off." "Okay?" "Alright. You know how Yoongi was all happy when I had finished talking to him that first time?" "Yeah." What's she have to say about him? "Remember when he tried to flirt with me that one time when we were talking?" Bastard. I almost forgot about that. "Yeah." "Well not long after that he started texting me." "How'd he get your number!" "He said he paid Taehyung to give him your pass number. So he went through your phone. I hope you've been deleting messages every night just to keep that little snoop out of our business." "Of course I have! But why didn't you tell me he was texting you?" "I didn't tell you because I didn't think he was so creepy as to go and find my number in your phone. I assumed you had given it to him." "I guess that makes sense, but I still wish you'd have told me." "Well at first he was normal. He was only asking about music because he liked something I'd shown you. So I didn't think twice." "I guess." "But I made it worse by accident." "What'd you do?" "He said something about a mixtape and I asked if I could hear something from it. He said he didn't want to share it online so he said he'd play it over the phone." "So you talked on the phone with him?" "Because I honestly thought it was only about music. So he said he'd show me some he hadn't shown anyone yet. He said that since I've been around rap for so long that he wanted my opinion." "Okay." I'm really getting pissed. That fucking snake. He'd go behind my back and trick her like that? "But he was afraid I'd lie or something and say it was good even if it wasn't. So he wanted to be on video to see my reaction." "You talked with him over video!" "Only after I made him agree that it was strictly about music. And that's all we talked about. It was probably less than ten minutes. He played two songs, I told him what I thought, and I said bye. I haven't talked on the phone or on the computer with him since." "Okay, you did the right thing. You didn't talk about anything else. It's not your fault he tricked you or that he was making it something more." "Thank you. So that was about two months ago. He's been texting me since. If he asked about anything besides music, I'd tell him I was busy or I'd ignore it. When it was about music though, he was awkward. Like he was forcing it just because he wanted to talk to me. And today I confronted him about everything." "And?" "Well I had to call him because he wasn't admitting anything over text. So I made him tell me how he got my number and he told me. I asked why he wanted my number so bad. He said he wanted to know me more. I asked why and he said he just felt like he needed to. Long story short, I tell him that he doesn't need to know more about me, that I didn't like him like that, that I don't like him much at all anymore, and that what he was doing to you is messed up ." "What'd he say?" "He got really desperate and whiny. He was telling me that he loved me, how we'd be great together, and that he'd be perfect for me. He was making it sound like he knew so much about me. I don't know what was going through his head, but he was in absolute denial. I just needed to tell you he was feeling that way towards me and what he did. Please don't do anything drastic, okay?" He was going to try to get my girlfriend to be with him! He said he loves her! Is he out of his fucking mind! I take a deep breath. "Boram I have to go. Thank you for being honest and telling me. I promise that I'm not upset with you. I'll talk to you later." I hang up. Namjoon puts his hands on my shoulders. "Hoseok, relax okay? Don't you remember how she made you feel when you had first talked to her? How you wanted more and more? That's what happened to him." "The difference is that she wasn't my friend's girlfriend! I didn't go looking through my friend's phone to get his girlfriend's number! I didn't fucking stalk her like a freak!" I try to step away, but he stops me. "Calm down okay. You don't need to go start a fight with him." "Why the hell not! He can't do something like this and get away with it! He harassed my girlfriend for two months and I'm supposed to calm down and let him be! Fuck that! He's gonna get what's coming to him!" I shove him out of my way. "Don't try me Namjoon. Don't fucking try me. I'm going to confront him and if someone gets hit, then that's what happens. It's either going to happen now or later. I'm fucking livid and I'm not going to let you get in my way." "Hoseok just stop. Talk to him about it later." "No! I'm going to go now and I'm going to do a lot more than talk. I'm done arguing with you." I start walking and he grabs my arm. "Stop. Just think for a second." "Let go!" I pull my arm away and shove him again. "Just let this happen! He deserves it and you know it! Put yourself in my shoes; think about how you would feel! You don't want there to be conflict in the group, but you know as well as I do that what he did was fucked up and he deserves a punch to the face! If not more!" I keep walking. I hear him following me, but he's not trying to stop me. "Yoongi! Get the fuck out here! Show your fucking face!" Everyone starts looking out doors while I'm yelling for him. "Yoongi!" He opens his door and I go for him. I grab him by his shirt and push him against a wall. Everyone is crowding around. I guess they want to see a show. I don't care what they do as long as they don't stop me. "Who the fuck do you think you are!" "What are you talking about?" "Don't play innocent! Boram that's what I'm talking about! You fucking stalked her! What the hell were you thinking!" "I was thinking that I'm better for her than you!" Nope. Bye self control. I punch him across the face and he falls to the ground. "You don't even know her! You're pathetic!" "I'd understand her better!" I kick him in the stomach and he cries out. He deserves everything he's getting. I'm sick of all the shit he's done. This was just too much, he went too far this time. He didn't just cross the line, he crossed it and kept on running. "I'm your friend! You were trying to steal my girlfriend from me!" "Because she deserves better than you!" I kick him and he cries out again. "You're right, she deserves someone much better than me. But I love her and for some crazy reason, she loves me. And if I'm not good enough for her," I laugh and kneel down to get closer to him. I grab his face so he's looking straight at me. I can see in his eyes that he's finally lost his will to be defiant. "Then you don't have a chance in hell. You're trash. You're not even worthy enough to breathe the same air as her." I pull him up by his shirt and shove him against the wall, pinning him under the chin with my forearm. "Don't ever fucking forget that. I don't want to hear her name come out of that filthy mouth of yours again. You stay at the bottom of the barrel where you belong. Remember your place, because if you ever forget it, rest assured that I will remind you." I lean against his neck harder; the fear in his eyes growing. "And it will be a harsher reminder every fucking time." I back off, yank him by his shirt, and shove him into his room. I slam the door and turn around. Everyone is standing with their mouths hanging open. "If you want to know why that just happened, ask Namjoon or that asshole. Let that be a lesson to you all." As I'm walking away, I stop as I'm passing Taehyung. I turn to face him. "And you." I reach out and grab the collar of his shirt, pulling him to me so that I'm in his face. His eyes are wide, he's scared. "Stay the fuck out of my business and stay the fuck out of my phone. You have no right to be doing that shit and I'm tired of it. Now why don't you use that money he gave you and buy yourself a goddamn conscience, because you're partially responsible for what's happened." I shove him back and walk away. "Little Hoseok isn't always a pushover."
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