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Chapter one Baekhyun woke up to the sound of her alarm blaring girls generation lion heart signing she didn't want to get up at all she hate her job at the restaurant old men like to hit on her and ask if she was Russian a lot which meant are you a prostitute? Just cause she looked like a foreigner. She live alone in a one room apartment in hongdae she also chose not to go to college after high school mostly because she didn't think it was a right fit for her. Baekhyun had always shied away from people. She hated big crowds she didn't like talking to people either. She was different and she knew that in her heart she would never be happy here. As she got up after the third snooze went off she felt that something was going to happen today and she felt light and tingly all over. She was worried she never felt like this before. She decided to skip the shower for today and just go straight to her closet. Grabbing her black pants and white button up top along with her apron and name tag she dresses quickly brushing her teeth and pulling her mess of a hair into two cute buns on her head not forgetting her famous eyeliner look to make herself seem presentable. She grabbed her phone and wallet as she walked to the door skipping breakfast as she put her shoes on the tingling feeling got worse and she felt like all her cells where vibrating. She shook the feeling off hoping it was nothing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Alpha and we have finally found her" a husky voice said "We have located your baby sister" The alpha just nodded his head "Where did you find her Kai?" The alpha asked "She is located on the third planet from the sun in a country they call South Korea" Kai said Kai had pulled up a map for his head alpha to see where she was their was even a video of her walking down a street. The alpha watched her. He could feel the pull at his heart the humans have broken his sister down he could see it on her face she was sad and lonely. "Kai I want you and Chanyeol to go and bring her back now she needs to be home those filthy human have broken her I don't know what my parents where thinking putting her on the small planet." The Alpha spoke with some sorrow and anger in his voice. "Yes alpha I will leave right now" Kai left the room with the alpha watching the video over again "Don't worry my little light you will be safe at home soon on EXO Planet ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Baekhyun had arrived at her job late the weather had gone south the moment she step outside her apartment building one minute it was sunny the next it was like the heavens where crying. She was soaked to the bone when she got to work making her white shirt see through. "Oh Baekhyun can you come here please" her boss asked her He was the worst thing about this job he would always hit on any of the girls and today's target was Baekhyun it seems the man was in his late 50's married to a hag of a wife who looked like a troll on her best days he was a fat bald man with a mole on his nose. Baekhyun followed him to his office. He sat in his chair and justered at her to sit down. Baekhyun could see him looking at her chest area where her white bra could be see through her shirt crossing her arms over her chest. "Yes what is it boss" she said "This is your third time you have been late Baekhyun. The other girls are not happy about you getting free passes from me every time you come in late you know." He said eyes looking over her like she was a piece of cake. "I'm sorry sir about being late today but the weather is really bad as you can see. Please don't fire me I need this job" she begged "I'm not going to fire you, your ass is too fine not to have around but you have to do something for me if you want to keep this job." "What is it?" Her voice trembled afraid to found out what this something was. "You have to strip naked right now and let me play with you" he said with a sick grin on his face She felt sick to her stomach the job wasn't even worth it to be honest she could always ask her parents for help even though she hated doing that. "I'm sorry sir but I will not do that." She whispered "thank you for the job opportunity I will clean out my locker and go" she stood up and started to walk out the door when he grabbed her wrist harshly pulling her to face him. "Your not going anywhere you bitch. Now do as a say a strip down" he all but shouted at her She tried to pull away "No now let me go or I will go to the police about this" she had tears in her eyes by now. "Who do you think they will believe a successful business man like me or some half ass waitress" he grabbed her wrist hard she knew she would have bruises there tomorrow. "Please let me go." She started to cry as he pulled he closer to him running his hand down her neck to her chest and the on her hip. "No you slut you want this I know you do. I seen the way you prance around here swaying the wide hips at me you are practically being to be fucked." He whispered into her ear his hand on her waist get tighter. She was disgusted with what was happening his breath smelled like old kimchi and felt like a hot dog panting on her ear his hand were hurting her and felt like ice across her skin she was terrified and she couldn't do anything to stop this man. That is when she felt his clammy lips on her neck. "N No s stop it get off of me" she started to scream and wiggled out of his hold. That is when he slapped her across the face "Shut up bitch and stopped moving" he yelled But she didn't she keeper moving and the she started to hit him and finally kneeing him the crouch area that did the trick and he let her go to fall over holding his front area. Once she was free she ran out of his office and then out the back of the restaurant and down the street as fast as possible hoping he wouldn't follow her home. The rain seem like it knew what had happen to her and it poured down even hard as it was crying and washing away the disgusting mans hand off of her. She wasn't looking where she was going and ran into a lot of people but one person she ran into finally cause her to fall down. She sat there in the middle of the walk way crying her eyes out. If her father never taught her how to defend herself it would have been much worse than a few kisses on the neck. She would have lost her virginity her purest gift she was waiting go give to a special person thinking about that made her cry more. The people walking around her just ignored her. Then the raining stopped she could still hear it but she didn't fell it beating on her body anymore. Looking up and see long legs in front of her she looked up even higher see a tall handsome man hold and umbrella over her head getting himself wet instead. If there was a definition of tall dark and handsome she knew this man would be the picture next to it. The tall stranger with dark skin and white blonde hair and black eyes looked sad and relived at the same time. "Finally I found you fény" his husky voice reaching her ears. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~