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PowerPuff Girls Reboot
As you may have heard PowerPuff Girls Reboot will be airing on April 4th (so tonight) and may I say......


I am a HUGE fan of the original PowerPuff Girls that came out from November 18, 1998 – March 25, 2005 Staring the original PPG: Blossom : Cathy Cavadini Bubbles : Tara Strong Buttercup : Elizabeth Daily
I was so happy to hear the PPG was coming back but when I saw they remade Teen Titans calling it Teen Titans Go. After watching the first Episode of TTG I wasn't happy with what they did and they had ruin a perfectly good animated show that I loved. So when they brought PPG back called PowerPuff Girls Reboot let's say I'm not to happy about this, not one bit
on top of changing the look, and feel for the show they had decided to change the voice actors of the main show. Nothing wrong with these voice actors, they sound close enough. But if you're going to bring back every voice actor from the original PPG then plz stick with the main PPG
here's a few words from Elizabeth Daily

what do you guys think of this new PowerPuff Grisl Reboot? are you excited for it or are you like me and hating it before it has even come put?

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I saw the art.....NO!
a year ago·Reply
I hate what they did to Teen Titans bc they don't look badass anymore and the same thing is going to happen to the power puff girls...They are going to ruin them
a year ago·Reply
hating it before it even airs.
a year ago·Reply
cartoonnet work became shit
a year ago·Reply
I love teen titans go, it's really funny. 😂
a year ago·Reply