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Chapter 16
~~~Yugyeom's pov~~~ When I saw Mark kiss Ji it felt like my heart just shattered in a million pieces. What is this feeling? Is this 'jealousy'? I ran off to my room, slammed the door and threw myself onto my bed. I covered my face while I bawled my eyes out. I heard two knocks, I wiped my eyes and let him in. "I know its you BamBam." I yelled partially. He came in here and sat on my bed while rubbing my shoulders. "You like her don't you?"BamBam said "Yeah, I don't know why." "I kept telling my heart she has someone already, but it just won't change anything." I added After that he gave me a pep talk. "Thanks BamBam, I'm glad your here for me." We both walked downstairs with a happy face on. "He's fine now." BamBam yelled. "What's the matter?" Ji asked while stepping up to me. "Nothing." I giggled while trying to hold back some tears. ~~~Ji's pov~~~ "What's the matter?" I asked while walking up to Yugyeom. "Nothing." he was giggling, with his head down. I heard the newest song by Got7 playing. "We gonna fly fly" Oh this is so embarrassing I picked up my phone and said "Hello?" "Hey it's Nabi, I heard what happened, on the news, are you alright?" "I'm fine, actually I'm great, except for the fact that my house got robbed." I said back. "What?!" she yelled so loud I had to hold my phone far away from my ear. "Your yelling to loud, your gonna rupture my ear drums one day." I said jokingly. "Did you call the cops already?" "Yes I did." I said I heard a sigh of relief on the other side of the line. "Thanks god, your not that stupid." "What, I'm not stupid." I retaliated. "Haha I'm just joking." "Anyways it was nice talking to you, bye." "Sorry guys my sister just called." When I turned around everyone was staring at me. "You have a sister?!" All of Got7 said in unity, except for Mark. "Yeah, and a twin at that."Mark said. "A twin?!" Everyone yelled again.
maybe yugyeom can be something with her sister 😉😉 I just don't want him to have a one side love story that would just brake my heartue 😢😢
There you go Yugyeom!! 😉
thats kind of what I was thinking maybe will happen @SindyHernandez
the rest of got7 going to be like can we meet her please hahahahah