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ok i have decided to not limit this collection to only korean handsome hunks doesn't matter how much i love them but lets look around shall we lol ;) i would like to introduce u guys 2 some paki(pakistani) handsome hunks after all i am a paki and proud 2 be one lol ;) <3 1) Fawad Khan Singer, Actor, Model 2)Imran Abbas 2nd Hot Singer, Actor and Model both my fav <3 <3 love love love lub them lols ;) <3
@winterlovesong awww thnx soo much hun yup paki guys are exteremely hot and yeah they finally started making paki shows w eng sub lol and some are really really good i could recommennd u some hun if u wanna watch hun let me knw k :) thnx soo much <3
wow they sure look HOT. Ah! the next thing I know I might start watching Pakistani dramas for them! haha
@shoenami yeah sure y not hun lols ;-)
Wow.. Are these the guys we're bringing on that Maldives getaway?XD
@maribel468 lol it doesn't hurt to look around sometimes does it lols have fun hun lols ;-)
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