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Hiya Nakama! As you may now Nakama Campfire kicked off! I'm a little behind haha but it's not too late to join Guys! X) so the first prompt was...

Which anime character you are most like?

For me it's Haruhi from OHSHC because personality wise we are the same person! Her sarcasm, the way she doesn't judge a person by its cover and gives people the respect they deserve. She is always my waifu and will always be someone I look up to and strive to like her! So join me and the awesomeeee new mod team (@InVinsybll @AimeBolanos @AtisutoMeru @PRroxx05 @gabemartin @hikyamm)!!! be sure to Tag us in your cards! Especially @InVinsybll and @hikaymm because they are the ones collecting these cards for the giveaway! @InVinsybll @Danse @hikaymm @SonTyler @VoidX @AimeBolanos @AtisutoMeru @PRroxx05 @gabemartin @AdamDean @Alcides13 @Alletaire @Animefanatic18 @ARMYStarlight @BobbieStinson @bmcclain191 @BobbieStinson @CreeTheOtaku @DaiGakuSei @danidee @DariusLigon @devinrohers @dragonlover1852 @gabbycalzada @GillianMarsh @iixel @JadaDiemand @JakeErter @JayEstrella @Kirik @KaylanMadoori @littlemaryk @MadAndrea @MajahnNelson @MelissaGarza @MetalMorgan @Moonpie15b @nberry1620 @NhanLuong @NikolasSatterwh @NinjaMouse @poojas @punksjunk @reaper412 @ReinShirai @RosePark @SeoInHan @shannonl5 @Silverfang @ShinigamiSan @tayhar18920 @TaylorKoby @TreverMoon @Volpix5150 @ZeltzinCorona