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I'll admit, I can be a total klutz at times.

I'm about an inch away from 30 years old and I still manage to ruin my clothes when eating. Whether I'm spilling on my shirt or my pants, it's apparent that I can sometimes be a sloppy eater. Don't judge me. I'm sure you've spilled a time or two in your life as well. Spring is here and summer is somewhere around the corner, which means -- white jeans are about to make their debut.
You probably have a pair tucked away in your closet, but do they happen to be stain resistant? More than likely not, but they can be. Thanks to Old Navy, there is hope in the spill. Stain resistant pants became a real thing and of course, everyone's favorite retailer came up with such an innovative idea. White jeans aren't for everyone, but with the help of a little stain resistance you can be as clumsy as you want -- minus the hot sauce. You'll see exactly what I'm talking about in minute. Keep scrolling to see how these white pants reacted to four different stains.
Well, as you can see -- everything pretty much wiped off completely except for the hot sauce.
I bet you'll stop carrying that hot sauce in your bag like Beyonce now, wont you?

Would you purchase a pair of white stain resistant jeans?

Are you prone to spilling?
you're very welcome! I'm a huge old navy fan. they always have affordable bits. and I'm rather picky when it comes to my denim as well. so I def get it @TurtleyTurtles
I don't own a pair of white pants for this reason. I sit on the ground, I wipe my hands on my jeans, sometimes, I have a 3 year old... etc! This could change my mind, though! While I do love hot sauce, the chances of me getting it on my pants are pretty low. I will have to look into the style of these pants... in picky. I don't like straight legged pants. I prefer flared or bootcut, even bell bottoms, if I could find them! Although, I'd wear a pair of white capris! Thanks for sharing this... I'd have no idea these existed! (I don't shop at Old Navy very often.)