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Type of Fanfic: (Fluffy) | Smuty I hope you like it!.. Here is Part 1, LEGGO!
I met him walking along the beach. Our eyes met as we walked passed each other but then he stopped and called me out. That's how we started talking and then that's when I found out that he was a famous korean idol singer from a band. We walked side by side holding hands, looking so good together! The fans and paparazzi couldn't stop following us and taking our pictures. All you hear is fans screaming and the paparazzi asking lots of questions about us. Boy I was living the life! I had finally got a boyfriend, I felt like there was nothing else in the world that I needed because I had it all right here in front of me.
Then suddenly a girl stood in front of us blocking our way, stopping us, " Ya Y/n ! what do you think you're doing?? Who do you think you are?? Do you think you're some type of superstar?? she said laughing at me.. then more girls started to appear laughing, whispering to each other, and pointing fingers at me. I then realized that the girls are from my school. Another girl said "What do you mean boyfriend? You don't have one the last time I checked.. then another "who? your imaginary boyfriend? they laughed and laughed. I kept saying no! no! you're wrong! With a worried and confused look. You see he's right here! I pointed to the side of me but then no one was there.. I was thinking wtf??! he was just right there! I kept shaking my head, I tossed and turned, and kept mumbling no. Then that's when I woke up sweating and breathing fast. Damn it was all a dream?! ................... TO BE CONTINUED..
Soooo did you like it?? Is it interesting to the point I should go on with this? :) Tell me what yall think! Part 2 coming soon!
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