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My GAWD, is it getting hot in here? Is it just me? *fanning myself* This is one of the hottest scenes in K-dramas. Passionate and intense...I definitely want to learn how to tango.
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@oj1992 @yinofyang told guys she dance tango with the most handsome man in my lifeeee oaaaaaa !!!!:*((
@MasriDaniela then what abt cha ding dong?
@MasriDaniela then what abt cha ding dong?
@oj1992 with Cha Ding Dong With RainBi &Dong in Scent of a Woman the 3 most handsome man in my life oaaaa i forgot the number to put how angry i was oaaaaaa
@ZitlalitRodrigu Hell yes, this is definitely a hot scene. ヽ( ^^)人(^^ )ノ @MasriDaniela Sissss! It's true. I love watching her tango with all the handsome guys. XD @oj1992 It's okay, Cha will be alright. I honestly think this particular tango performance was awesome.