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chapter 6 : Decision

I woke up early in the morning, It was urgent...According to JunHong. He had called me early this morning. I showered and got ready then went to the park, I yawned and sat on a nearby bench. What on earth am I doing here at 6:30 a.m? It's the weekend for crying out loud! I checked my phone, nothing. I looked around and remembered Namjoon and I's secret spot. I felt a bit of heart ache, I missed being around me. But ever since the whole necklace incident and JunHong confession, he's been really distant. More than before, He didn't even come over anymore, he'd invite Sunny out and they'd see each other elsewhere. Which I suppose is better for me, but why do I miss him so much? Actually, The better question would be why do I still have these feelings for him when I shouldn't? I have JunHong now but every time JunHong holds my hand or hugs me...I can't help but picture Namjoon. I yearned for it to be him and not JunHong. I feel like JunHong is just wasting his time, I'm only going to hurt him...
I checked my phone again. Nothing still. I wonder where he could be...
I got up and stretched out; I decided to go to our secret spot. I walked through the tall bushes and trees. I lay down on the grass and looked at the sky. Thinking about what could've been but some things aren't meant to be...
I felt the urge to cry and I did. Everything Sunny made me go through really hurt me. She'd send me pictures of them and just to torture me pictures of them kissing...Of course I'd have to pretend as if it didn't bother me anymore. That was the worst part, being in love with someone who doesn't love you back, not even enough to be around you anymore. The one person I thought was my soulmate turned out to be nothing but a stranger now. He doesn't text me nor does he talk to me when he sees me in the hallways. I thought I was his best friend and nothing would tear us apart but something did, sister. She doesn't even like him that's the thing. It bothers me so much that I trusted her with everything, she's supposed to be my best friend, my sister, my guardian but instead she was the destruction in my life. Two faced. Loved by everyone. Little do they know that within there's a monster.
I sat up and wiped my eyes. I hugged my knees to my chest and sat there staring at the grass, how could I be so stupid? Why did I ever fall in love with him? Why do these feelings choose to stick around? They linger in me despite the fact I'm not near him. My heart longs to beat as it once did when I was with him. My eyes yearn to see his smile, the smile that brings me back to life when I feel dead. My hands that eagerly wish to feel through his hair...My ears that desire to hear his voice that made my weak in the knees. My lips that want to smile like I did when I was with him.
Now there's only silence and memories. He's in my past now...When I wanted him to be my future.
I yawned and leaned against a tree. I still felt sleepy despite the fact that I had been crying...I'll just close my eyes for a little bit. I'm sure JunHong will call soon...
I felt drops hitting against my skin. I flinched and wiped my face. Huh? How long have I been asleep? It's sprinkling...
What time is it?
My name's being called out but...I can't move...
"Minji! Where are you?!"
I couldn't even speak. It's so cold...
"Namjoon! Where are you going?!"
Why do I feel so weak? It wasn't even cold when I got here...My body's shivering but I can't even get up. My lips were trembling but I couldn't speak. My vision's getting blurry.
Sunny...Maybe he came to show her this place...
I heard the bushes rustling. I closed my eyes, I don't want to see them together.
Don't open your eyes...
"Minji. Wake up. Open your eyes...I'm here."
I opened my eyes and saw him there. It was as if life was brought back into a lifeless body.
"Namjoon...." I managed to say.
I slightly smiled.
"I got you. Don't worry"
He took my in his arms. I felt happy...he came for me. His embrace was warm and at the same time I sensed a bit of sentiment. Did I look sick? I looked at him as he carried me out.
He looked at me and smiled. "Always getting into trouble I see."
I didn't even care about the necklace anymore.
"You know me so well..." I said softly.
"Keep talking to me. Don't fall asleep okay? We're taking you home and then tomorrow you're going to the doctor. What were you thinking anyway? It's so cold and you're wearing these shorts. No sweater. Aren't you cold?"
"Not anymore..." I put my head against his chest. "Namjoon....I miss you....." I said as I closed my eyes. Tears escaped from my eyes. "I'm sorry...."
I don't why I apologized but being here like this made feel so vulnerable and fragile. I wanted to tell him I missed him. Even though I knew it was useless, I wanted him to know.
"It's okay, I'm here now. I'm not going to leave you alone...I'm the one who should be sorry not you...I'm sorry I hurt you" he said.
He held on to me tighter.
"Minji...I promise that this time nothing will keep me away from you. You'll always be my number 1. My best friend."
I can't live with that, to only be his friend but it's the only way I can still be near him. Even though it kills me I have to try.
"Is she alright?"
As if she cares. I bet she's only saying it for show.
I opened my eyes and looked at JunHong.
"What took you so long?" I smiled.
"I called but you never answered. Then I began looking for you and I thought something had happened to you."
Namjoon carefully set me down. "Can you stand?"
I nodded. "Yeah, I think-"
I fell forward.
JunHong caught me. "We should take her to the doctor. It should be opened still, if not to the hospital."
Namjoon took his sweater off and put it on me.
"You'll get sick" I said as I began to take it off.
"Leave it on. You need it more than me." He said.
"Namjoon, let's go. I'm sure JunHong will take Minji from me." Sunny said.
I thought so. All for show.
"Are you insane? Can't you see your sister is ill?! How can you act so careless?!" Namjoon exclaimed.
Her eyes widened, she scoffed and she began walking away.
"Namjoon.." I said.
He looked at me. "What is it?"
"I'll be fine. Don't worry...Go with Sunny. Please"
I can't believe I'm telling him this...but it's the first step in getting rid of these feelings.
"I promise I'm okay. Besides JunHong's here, I know he'll take care of me" I said.
He looked at JunHong. "Take good care of her and keep me updated."
JunHong nodded.
Namjoon went after Sunny and JunHong took me in his arms.
"You don't have to.." I said.
"Of course I do. You're my girlfriend." He smiled.
I smiled back.
I was ordered to stay home for a week. JunHong came to visit me in the morning and then came back after school. He'd bring me medicine and always made sure I ate. He was really sweet and caring. It made me think about truly giving this a chance, that maybe the love I feel for Namjoon will blossom into love for JunHong. But it's hard when Namjoon comes into my room to see me. That smile and his voice, I can't help but to feel like I love him more. Namjoon brought me my homework and he'd help me with it, which made Sunny extremely jealous. I was actually content about that though, making her angry and jealous made me feel empowered and satisfied.
Sometimes JunHong also felt a bit jealous but in the end I'd make it up to him. Just as he is sweet with me, I am with him. He's a really good boyfriend. Too bad I can't fully cherish that. It's wrong but it's not me. My heart is stubborn. My head tells me to forget Namjoon and just focus on JunHong but my heart says Don't let go yet. Hold on to Namjoon. There's no room for JunHong here.
Tonight, JunHong was staying. He got permission from my parents, they were going on business anyway so it wasn't like they cared. I was the second child so it didn't matter what I did, the important one was Sunny.
"You look so much better" he smiled.
I smiled back. "It's all thanks to you. You know, no one’s ever cared for me like you do..."
Except Namjoon but now that he's with Sunny. It's impossible for him to care like he used to.
"Even if you weren't my girlfriend. I'd still take care of you Minji, you mean a lot to me." He said as he held my hand.
My heart began to race. "I do?"
He nodded. "Yeah. You know...I've never cared so much about someone before. It's odd but at the same time it feels so right. When I'm with you, it's like...the whole world stops and time isn't an issue. When I'm with you I feel more human than I've ever felt."
I looked at him. "No one's ever said that to me before"
That's a first.
"Then you've been around the wrong crowd." He smiled and leaned in towards me.
He's going to kiss me! What should I do?! My heart raced, it felt like I was going to have a heart attack. He's only centimeters away from me now! I closed my eyes, it's the least I can do. To repay him for all his kindness.
I felt his lips against mine. He began to move them slowly.
Okay, I got this. I went along with it. Once we pulled away, he looked at me and smiled.
I smiled back.
"I really can't express how I feel right now..." He began to blush.
I giggled.
"What're you laughing at?" He smiled and began tickling me.
"JunHong! Stop!" I laughed.
I grabbed his hands. I tried getting off the bed then tripped. JunHong broke my fall.
"Ow...Are you okay?" I looked at JunHong.
"Yeah. Are you?" He asked.
"Yeah. I'm okay." I said.
He cupped my face and kissed me again.
The butterflies were going insane. I was really happy about that, it means that there's a chance that I'll fall in love with him.
"Double date?" I asked.
I've managed to avoid this for a few weeks but now's the perfect opportunity. JunHong and I have a pretty strong relationship, I don't think it'll bother me.
"Yeah. It'll be fun babe." He smiled.
He always seems to make me feel....special. Like when he calls me that.
"Where are we gonna go?" I asked.
"Lotte World. We're going to have really good weather, so it'll be great." He held my hand as we walked.
"Well, alright." I smiled.
He walked me to class. "I'll see you later" he kissed my cheek.
I smiled. "Okay."
He makes my heart melt.
I walked into the classroom and took my seat. Namjoon came in shortly after and sat next to me.
"Someone's been struck more than a few times by Cupid"
"Hm? Me? No" I giggled. "Can't I just have a smile on?"
"Mm. There's always a reason for smiling, what's yours?"
"Well, for starters. An annoying nosey best friend." I pushed him playfully.
I don't feel anything for him. I think I finally did it.
"I don't know who this annoying best friend is but it seems to me like I've been betrayed. I thought I was your best friend" he smiled.
"Whatever. You're my best friend. I don't have anyone else." I smiled and took my books out.
"Are you and JunHong coming to Lotte world?" He asked.
"Yeah. I mean I wasn't so big on a double date but I suppose it'll be fun" I said.
"What made you change your mind?" He asked.
"Well...JunHong. I didn't want to go because of Sunny..."
"Is she bothering you?"
"No." I shook my head. "It's just we don't get along and I didn't want to ruin anything."
"Minji...why do your sister and you fight so much?" He asked.
"I don't want to talk about it."
"Is it because of me?" He asked.
Everything began when he started going out with her. So, technically...yes.
"Namjoon. Sunny is just...she just knows how to get under my skin, everyone knows she's the favorite. None of my girlfriends like to hang out with me anymore because they're too busy hanging out with her. She's pretty much the ideal everything...even to my parents. I don't envy her because why would I? But no one knows how she truly is. Even if I told them who would believe me?" I asked.
"I would." He looked at me. "You're my best friend Minji and I trust you, even with my own life."
"You say that now. But if I did, you'd hate me. How do you think my friends disappeared? You're all I got" I said.
"You mean I'm all you need" he smiled.
"Whatever" I smiled back.
Lotte World. I haven't been here in a while, I was kind of excited.
"What should we do first?" Namjoon asked.
"Let's go play some games then let's go on some rides" Sunny said.
"Games sound like fun" JunHong smiled.
I know what she's doing. I'm more than positive she'll tell Namjoon to win her something. Always gotta be competitive.
JunHong held my hand and smiled at me. "Lighten up babe" He whispered.
I sighed. He's right, I shouldn't let her ruin this day for me. I smiled back at him.
The first game we played was the water gun one, the first two times I won then Namjoon then JunHong. Sunny was getting frustrated since she wanted to win a cute hello kitty plush toy. There's no way I was going to let her win. Namjoon and JunHong observed us as we played one-on-one. They gave us 3 tries, the one who won 2/3 got the hello kitty.
"This game is rigged...." Sunny muttered.
"It's just a game Sunny." Namjoon smiled. "Let's go play another game"
"No. I'm tired of games." She looked at me. "Give me the Hello Kitty"
"Uh, no." I looked at her. "I won this fair and square. Quit being a sore loser."
I'm trying to keep my cool but she's starting to get on my bad side. She looked at Namjoon,
"Baby, I want the Hello Kitty"
Namjoon sighed and looked at me.
I always hated when he gave me that look. I handed it to him.
I rolled my eyes at Sunny and walked away. JunHong went after me.
"It's fine. Let's go do something else, you wanna play basketball?" I asked.
"What're we playing for?" He asked.
"Mm. That Rilakumma bear." I pointed.
"Hmm. How about a kiss? If I win I get the rilakumma bear AND a kiss."
"And if I win?" I smiled.
"Then you keep the bear and I'll give you a kiss"
"No. It's a win win either way" I said. "Hmm how about...if I lose I give you a kiss. If I win, no kiss all day until we leave.."
"I'm not going to lose princess. I'm going to get my kiss" he smiled.
"So confident" I giggled.
"Can I at least have a good luck kiss?" He came closer to me.
I smiled and kissed him.
"Be prepared to lose." He took the ball from my hands and ran towards the goal.
"Hey! Cheater!" I laughed and went after him.
First one to get to 21 won.
"Minji, you can do it!" Namjoon called out.
"Don't get distracted~" JunHong stole the ball a shot the final point.
I looked at Namjoon. He was in on this, I just know it.
He laughed at me.
Sunny just stood there unamused. Why does she hate me so much? Geez. I gave her the stupid Hello Kitty.
JunHong hugged me from behind. "I beat you~"
I giggled. "By default. Namjoon distracted me"
He kissed my cheek. "I still beat you."
The man handed him the rilakumma plush and smiled.
"For your girlfriend." He said to JunHong.
JunHong smiled. "She has to kiss me first"
The man laughed then made his way back to his post.
I looked at JunHong and kissed him. "There"
He kissed me back and gave me the rilakumma.
"Thank you" I smiled.
"You're very welcome" he smiled back.
Once we were done with the games, we decided to go on some rides. Sunny was being particularly chill for the rest of the time. There was one ride she and JunHong didn't want to get on so, I got on with Namjoon. She wasn't very happy about that but regardless we got on it.
While we were sitting there it felt kind of wasn't that I didn't want to be near him but it's a small space. Our thighs were touching.
"Are you scared?" He asked.
"No. Of course not." I said. "You?" I looked at him.
"A little. My hearts racing. The dark kind of makes me feel uncomfortable." He admitted.
"You're scared of the dark?" I asked.
He blushed. "Yeah. I mean it's not dark now but you know as the ride goes on it gets really dark."
I never knew that.
I giggled. "That sounds too good to be true. You always act so brave and like such a bad ass. So confident. I never thought the dark would scare you. Big baby"
"Ya! Don't tell anyone!" He smiled and pushed my shoulder playfully.
"Okay okay. I promise." I smiled.
The ride began and the adrenaline began pumping, I felt excited and nervous at the same time.
The dark part is coming. Namjoon screamed and closed his eyes. I couldn't help but laugh, then...he held my hand.
I wasn't even paying attention anymore. Everything just came to a halt for me, his hand...he was holding on tightly to mine. My heart began to race then the feelings I hadn't felt in a while began arising once again. No. This can't be...I can't allow this to happen...I wanted to let go of his hand but I couldn't. Once we were out of the dark, he let go and didn't say a word. The ride came to a stop and we got off, he was quiet. But why? I, myself didn't have the courage to say anything.
"Where are JunHong and Sunny?" Namjoon asked.
I looked around. "I don't see them..."
Something's wrong...
"She has my phone. You got yours?" He asked.
"No. I gave my phone to JunHong..." I said.
He sighed. "Let's go look for them"
He doesn't seemed worried or anything but I was. I felt a bit angry to be honest. Why did JunHong leave? Where could they have gone?
Namjoon and I began our search. It was odd being alone with him like this, it had been quite a while since he & I were actually ALONE. We made small talk as we searched.
"Uh. I'm hungry." He said.
"I have 10 dollars in my pocket." JunHong also has my wallet...
"I have 8. You wanna share something?" He asked.
"Yeah. Sure."
All this searching has also made me hungry. We went to the food court to buy some food, I looked around and wondered what on earth could Sunny be saying to him.
"I wonder why they left..." Namjoon said.
"Beats me. I'm wondering that myself." I said.
"Minji..." He said.
"I want to give you something..." He said as he reached into his pocket.
"What is it?" I asked.
He smiled and looked at me. "Gimme your hand and close your eyes"
I smiled and did what I was told. He slipped a ring on my finger.
"Okay. You can look now" he said.
I opened my eyes and look at my hand. An infinity symbol was on it. I smiled and looked at him.
"Thank you. It's beautiful." I said.
"I got the infinity symbol on in because no matter what happens Minji, you're always going to be my best friend. I'll always cherish every second I get to spend with you like this and I'll forever cherish what we have. You mean a lot to me." He said.
My heart bean to race. Don't do this to me Namjoon...You don't know what you do to me.
"Namjoon..." I looked at him.
I want to tell him. I want to tell him I love him. This is by far the sweetest thing he's ever done for me....but....he said 'friend' he cherishes me as his friend. I can't ruin it especially now....
"There you are! We've been looking for you!" Sunny exclaimed.
I ignored JunHong, I was mad at him for leaving like that. Especially since he was around Sunny...
"We were looking for YOU. Where were you? Why did you leave?" Namjoon asked in a serious voice.
"We went to look for a restroom. We needed to go" she said.
That made me even angrier. Clearly she wants to die.
"I'm sorry" JunHong said in a low voice. "I didn't think we would get lost..."
I stayed quiet. I lost my appetite, I wasn't going to say anything though.
"Minji." He tried grabbing my hand but I moved it away.
I sighed and moved along with the people in line. He didn't insist on talking to me nor did try to touch me after that.
Lunch time was ridiculously quiet. Namjoon would talk with Sunny now and then but for the most part it was quiet.
We rode some other rides then went back to the game section, Sunny was bugging Namjoon about getting her a big Hello Kitty plush. JunHong had the Rilakumma plush with him, I was too mad at him to even take it myself. Namjoon saw that I was mad at him, that I was upset about what had happened. He may trust Sunny but I don't.
"JunHong you've been really quiet. You haven't even held Minji's hand not have you talked to her. Nothing. Is something on your mind?"
JunHong shook his head. "No. She's mad at me, why should I try talking to her if I know she's gonna ignore me."
"But she's your girlfriend. I wouldn't let her be mad at me all day." He said.
"Why are you mad Minji? Because JunHong and I wandered off together? Are you afraid something might have happened?"
Namjoon looked at her displeased. "What're you saying?"
"Nothing. I'm just wondering why she's mad."
I know something happened. There's a reason she's saying it but I'll choose to be the bigger person and walk away.
"Minji..." JunHong said.
"Just leave me alone..." I said as I walked away.
Double dates are stupid. I should've never agreed to this! I kept walking. I felt someone grab my arm.
"Minji, stop. Why are you mad at me? Is it because you're jealous of Sunny?"
"Jealous? Of HER? No. I'm not. Why should I be?"
"Then why are you mad at me?!" JunHong exclaimed.
"I just don't want to lose you...." I looked at him.
Like I did with Namjoon...
He looked at me and saw my concern. He let go of me and sighed.
"You don't trust me?" He asked.
"I don't trust her...JunHong, I don't know what I'd do if-"
He kissed me. "You're not going to lose me. I promise."
Promises...they don't mean a thing. One way or another, they get broken...Namjoon promised the same and now he belongs to someone else.
I stayed quiet.
"Sunbae." He said softly.
I looked up at him. "Hm?"
"What's really bothering you?" He asked.
"No one knows Sunny the way I do. Just promise me you'll stay away from her." I said.
He nodded and smiled. "I promise babe"
He handed me the rilakumma and held my hand. "Let's go back"
I took a deep breath. "No. I don't want to...let's go somewhere else"
"But if we leave then she wins and her point is proven." He pointed out.
He's right.
"Okay, let's go back"
-A few months later-
Graduation is 3 days away! I'm stressing out, there's so much to do still. I'm happy I made it though. Namjoon and I were still going to the same university, we both got in. I'd be close to JunHong as well so we can still walk home together. I was really excited. 3 days left then I'll be starting a new chapter in my life. The feelings that I began feeling for Namjoon had gone away, sometimes they'd return but I managed to keep them away. See, I think I'm truly falling for JunHong. I think I'm in love with him, he's such a wonderful and sweet person, I feel like I love him. I wanted to tell him that. The only person who had that kind of power over me was Namjoon but not anymore. I'm willing to forget all about him and those feelings for JunHong. I'm going to tell him today. I'm going to tell him that I love him. I smiled to myself.
I walked to his class since mine was already over with. I could stay home if I wanted to but I wanted to be with JunHong. I waited outside his classroom, the bell rang and students began walking out.
"Hey, you're Sunny's sister. JunHong is your boyfriend, right?"
"My name's Minji and yes he is" I said.
I've been here 4 years and so many people still refer to me as 'Sunny's sister'. It really gets on my nerves.
"JunHong left. He was excused for the rest of the day." She said.
Excused? He didn't tell me...Guess I'll just go home then.
"Oh. I see. Thank you" I said.
I left school and went home, I debated along the way if I should go to his house. Maybe he felt sick? No...I shouldn't disturb him if he is feeling under the weather. I'll call him later...but it would be a nice surprise if I visit him right? I'll go change out of my uniform then make some porridge and take it to him.
I opened the door and walked inside. No one was here, not that it didn't surprise me. I sighed and hung my keys.
Huh? What was that?
*Thud Thud*
It's coming from upstairs. I walked carefully up the stairs, as quiet as can be. Is Namjoon here? If he is...I don't want to know what he and Sunny are up to...I'll just leave. But...Namjoon said he had an interview today. There's no way he's back, is he?
My phone. I took it out of my pocket and looked at it.
Namjoon: Hey. You still at school? My interview went great! I wanted to see if you wanted to meet up to eat something.
My eyes widened. He's not here....
Should I just leave? No. I need to know what's going on.
I texted him back and told him I'd meet him for lunch in 20 minutes.
Namjoon: Alright. I'm gonna stop at the bookstore so let me know when you're nearby okay?
I texted him back and put my phone back in my pocket.
*Thud Thud*
I heard Sunny giggling. I had a really bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I wanted go to but at the same time I wanted to walk away. I was afraid. 2 more steps. Do I dare?
The door opened.
"Sunny, I can't do this anymore. I love Minji and sneaking around with you is wrong. You're her sister"
My heart instantly sank. It burned and ached in such a way that I made it hard to breathe.
"Oh come on. Don't pretend like you didn't have your eye on me, I saw the way you looked at me the very first time we went out on that double date. Weren't you the one who suggested we go somewhere alone while they were on that stupid ride?"
"You're the one who kept making passes at me. But regardless I have to go."
I couldn't even move. My whole body just shut down.
I heard footsteps approaching then they stopped.
"Minji." He said.
I couldn't even look at him, I was disgusted and hurt. How could he do this to me....I turned away and began walking down the stairs. What did I do wrong? Was I a bad girlfriend? Is it because I didn't tell him I loved him sooner? I felt the tears beginning to steam down my face. I don't want to see him...I don't wanna look at him...I don't want to hear his excuses.
"Minji, wait. It's not what you-"
"Enough. I don't want to see you ever again in my life. You're dead to me" I said.
I put my shoes on and walked out the door. I took a deep breath. I need to get a hold of myself. With a heavy and torn up heart I went to meet Namjoon, the tears didn't stop. I tried so hard but I have to find a way to stop crying, Namjoon will see me and-
"Minji~ you made it right on time!" Namjoon said cheerfully.
I looked up at him. I couldn't even hide my sadness.
"Minji....What's the matter?" He quickly rushed over to me. "You're so pale. Minji why are you crying? Did something happen?"
I couldn't even talk to him. I simply hugged him and began to cry, I felt his arms around me. He pulled me closer to him.
"Minji...who did this? Who made you cry?" He asked.
"Why is she crying?" He asked him in a stern voice.
"I need to talk to her."
I shook my head. Namjoon's arms still around me.
"Answer my question. What did you do to her?!" He exclaimed.
He stayed quiet.
"Minji, stay here. I'm going to-"
"No...Namjoon. Let's just go...please." I sniffled. "He's not worth it."
"Minji. I'm not going to let him get away with this."
"You're going to get hurt..."
Not physically....but emotionally.
He scoffed. "Please."
I grabbed his arm. "Just listen to me...before he tells you I'm going to so let's just go."
"Tell me what?" He asked.
"That your girlfriend threw passes at me. Unfortunately Minji witnessed"
Namjoon balled his hands into fists. "'re saying that you and Sunny...."
He nodded.
Namjoon began walking away.
"Namjoon." I said.
He stopped. "I'm sorry Minji."
He kept walking.
"Minji, please hear me out."
"What part of 'you're dead to me' & 'I don't want to see you ever again' did you not understand. You promised me JunHong. I trusted you. I..I loved you, I wanted to tell you today how much you meant to me, that you were my everything...that I loved you for loving me and being there for me always. You were patient with me and everyday I spent with you made me fall for you more and more. But I see it was just me, you never felt like that about me did you? All you wanted was to be close to Sunny just like everyone else...there's nothing to talk about. Just stay out of my way and don't even try talking to me." I looked at him. "The love I felt for you has vanished. It's turned into heart ache and pain. That's how I'll remember you...a scar."
A/N: Start playing the song here [; makes it more dramatic lol
I walked away and decided to go to our secret spot. I sat there, my back against the tree. 3 days left until graduation and I'm unhappy. I sat there and stared blankly at the grass, I wonder if Namjoon's's been a couple hours since that encounter.
"Mind if I join you?"
He sat in front of me.
"Namjoon...I'm sorry...." I said almost in a whisper.
"Don't be sorry. It's not your fault. Sunny told me everything, JunHong is pathetic." He said.
So he forgave her.
"You're staying with Sunny..." I said.
"It wasn't all her fault." He said.
He's an idiot.
"But it was her fault, both have equal faults." I said.
"Minji, I tried telling you. I tried to protect you from him but you didn't want me too. I told you I didn't want you to get hurt" he said.
Now the blame is all on JunHong.
I shrugged. "If you say so. I'm glad you were able to work things out with her, I'd like to be alone now..."
"I'm not leaving you alone" he said.
"You left me standing there earlier. What's the difference now? You're good and happy now. Aren't you? Why don't you go with Princess Sunny?"
"Minji, don't be like-"
"Be like what? Hmm? You haven't taken into consideration that she cheated on you. She cheated. I heard what they were saying Namjoon, who's to say-"
"Enough! Look Minji, I love Sunny. I forgave her because I wanna be with her. She made a mistake and I trust her not to do it again. So stop."
"You're a really bad friend Namjoon. Staying with the person who ruined me, the person who hurt me just as much as JunHong did." I stood up. "I can't be your friend...not anymore."
"Minji, you're not seriously going to make me choose" he said.
"No. Because you already did. You chose her. Namjoon, after graduation happens...don't talk to me. As a matter of fact, I'm not going to the same university as you. I'll see what other options I have. I'm happy for you, I really am. I'm glad you decided what you did. Now let's say goodbye and never meet again...."
My eyes began to water but I began walking away before he could see me. The knot in my throat got bigger.
"Minji, please. Don't walk away like this" he said.
I kept walking. How could he forgive her so easily? Stabbed two times in one day and to finish it off they cut my head off. I was made a fool today but I never thought the one person I thought would have my back would be the final one to finish me off.
I kept my word and stayed away from both Namjoon and JunHong until graduation. The day of graduation, no one showed up for me. My parents were on business, they wouldn't be home until tonight and I sure as hell didn't want Sunny here as my only family member. She showed up for Namjoon. I already had everything figured out, what I was going to do with my life and where I was going to go. I was to make my announcement at tonight's dinner party. At least my parents had the decency to do that for me if they weren't gonna show up.
All our family and closest friends attended my dinner party. Namjoon of course also attended, although I wasn't expecting students and old friends from school to come. Probably Sunny's work. JunHong had also shown up, the nerve. Regardless I already prepared what I was going to say. My father made the announcement that I was going to speak and notify everyone what my future held. My parents were both proud of me and expected me to be the one to continue the whole business thing but I had other plans.
"Thank you all for coming. I have a very important announcement to make. As you know, my parents are both excellent business people. They travel around the country and world making business and are very successful. They're an example for me and have shown me that business is more than just meetings. It takes brains and intelligence."
My parents smiled. For the first time I felt happy because they were proud of me, I could see it. But I knew that in a few moments that pride would be turned to outrage.
"Even though, I am next in line to take over the business. I'm afraid I'm not going to."
Everyone gasped and looked at each other.
"I'm going to study abroad in England. I'll be majoring in Medicine and will become a doctor."
"You can't do that!" Sunny exclaimed. "Who's going to take over the family business?! We've been a business family for generations! How can you say that?!"
"You're the oldest aren't you? Why aren't you doing it?" I asked.
Everyone nodded and muttered amongst themselves.
"I'll be leaving tonight. I'm grateful that I have this opportunity and I hope that my parents understand. I'm sorry if I have disappointed you and brought shame to you. I'll do my best and become a great and the best doctor. Thank you all so much for coming. Please enjoy yourselves. I have a plane to catch." I smiled and put the microphone back. I walked out of the grand room and went to my room.
My things are ready to go. The taxi cab should be here any moment now. I took a deep breath and opened the door.
"You're leaving. It's true...what you said..."
"Did I hurt you that much?" He looked at me.
"I'm not doing this because of you. I need to do this for myself." I said.
"Minji you can study here. You don't have to leave..."
"Namjoon, I can't stay here." I said. "Excuse me."
He hugged me. "Don't go..."
"It's done. I already signed up and I have to. I'm sorry Namjoon, besides I know you don't need me. We already talked about this, if someone sees how you're acting they're going to think wrong. Please, just let me go."
It hurt. Saying those words...
He kissed my forehead.
My heart began to race. As if it were brought back to life...
I pulled away from him and walked down the stairs.
He grabbed my hand.
"Don't make this harder for me..." I said.
"Promise me we'll be friends. Promise me that you're my friend no matter what...leave me with that peace of mind. Tell me that you still care about me like I care about you"
It's too hard...I still love you....
"I'll let you know when I land. Good bye Namjoon."
I pulled away from him and walked outside. He stood by the door, watching me. I wanted to get out and run into his arms but I can't. He really hurt me...but can I leave knowing that I won't be able to hug him nor see him until I return?
"Wait. Just hold on for a minute" I told the driver.
He nodded.
I got out of the car and quickly made my way to Namjoon. I hugged him without any other thoughts. I love him. I love him so much and it hurts to leave but I can't stay...
He hugged me tight and sighed. "I'm going to be waiting Dr. You better come back fast, you're not even gone and I already miss you..." He whispered.
"Namjoon, you are and always have been the most important person in my life." I said.
His hands tightened on my back. "You mean a lot to me too Minji. You always did and always will be my #1. I love you"
The butterflies in my stomach began to flutter. Does he really mean that? Or is he saying that because we're friends?
"Take care of yourself Minji and always keep in touch with me. Promise me." He let go of me and looked me in the eyes.
"Namjoon.." I smiled. "I promise"
He caressed my face. Something he's never done before.
My heart felt like it was about to burst.
He's never looked at me like this before....
"I'd better get going." I said.
"Be careful" he said as he held my hand.
I nodded and walked away. His hand slowly let go of mine. I got in the cab and he began driving away. My face where he touched was hot. I could still feel the warmth of his hand there. The way he looked at me, I promise I'll return to you Namjoon. When I do, I won't be a coward. Even if you are with Sunny, I'm going to tell you how I feel. I'm a coward for leaving and I should've told you but I'm afraid. I always have been, which is why leaving was my only option. But when I come back, I promise I'll tell you even if Sunny is in the way I'm going to let you know and show you that you've always been the love of my life.
..................................To Be Continued........................

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