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Thick brows are in honey.

Contrary to popular belief, the thick brow phenomenon is not going anywhere. The chula brows have exited the building and the thicker, the better. While many women are using the fill in method, for those who don't have the patience to fill in their brows every single morning -- they have opted for the more natural option whether that be castor oil or some magic potion. Well, today might just be your lucky day if you've been trying to grow thick, healthy lashes. Put the castor oil and the Anastasia Beverly Hills down, there's a new sheriff in town.
You might cry a bit, but not for the reason you're thinking. According to the world of beauty via the internet, the new trick to grow your brows is onion juice. Yes, you read that correctly. Beauty vlogger, Farah Dukhai, who happens to be all about her brows took to social media to share her new found trick. Apparently, onion juice contains sulfur which produces brow growth. Who would've known? You literally learn something new everyday. If you're intrigued by this finding, keep scrolling and check out Dukhai's video below.
Disclaimer: Know that, what works for one person might not work for the next. According to Allure, a brow expert reported that rubbing onions directly on your brows won't immediately cause your brows to grow -- or grow at all. Although women with alopecia rubbed onion on their scalps in order to grow their hair back, it all depends.
If you plan on giving this specific technique a chance, be ready to wipe the tears away and smell like a bag of funyuns.

Would you give this brow technique a try?

Is it worth the tears and the smell?
my brows can def use a little love. I think it may work. it wouldn't hurt to try. I may try on a day I know I don't have to go anywhere lol @hikaymm
ok so odd hahahha but I'm so curious if this would work?? my eyebrows are kind full as is but could use a litttttle love
the downside of this is you might smell like onion rings for the rest of the week
@jordanhamilton well mine were really big and I was embarrassed but thanks to puberty I'm fine now.
yeah, you're already ahead of the game @Sara3
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