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chapter 4 : Step 2

Having your own butler and living in a mansion seemed like a good life. Pretty much you could do whatever you want, ask for anything you want...everything. No wonder she's such a brat. She gets anything and everything, hmm, must be nice. This bed was so comfortable I didn't even wanna get up to get ready for school. Today's the day we're an official 'couple' at school. Ugh, my worst nightmare has came true but whatever the money is most definitely worth it.
Winston: Master Suga, are you awake?
"Yeah, I'm awake"
Winston: May I come in?
"Sure" I yawned.
Winston: Did you have a good rest master?
I feel like a king when he calls me that. This is surely the good life.
"I did. Thanks." I smiled. "What about you?"
His eyes widened. "Sir?"
Did I say something wrong?
"Um, I was just asking. Sorry" I said.
"No need to apologize, that's just new to me is all." He smiled.
New to him? I assume that annoying girl never asks her employees anything. Little brat.
"Master, what would you like for breakfast? While you bathe and get ready they shall prepare it for you" he said.
"Mm, how about a traditional Korean breakfast?" I asked.
"Why of course master. Anything you desire" he bowed.
I could get used to this.
"Thank you." I smiled.
He looked at me.
What? Saying thank you is new to him too? Damn, that girl needs to be taught some manners.
"I'm gonna get ready for school now." I said.
"Yes, of course master. Your clothes will be on the bed, if you need assistance someone will be outside the door." He said.
"Uh, okay" I said.
With that he excused himself and I went about my business. I fixed the bed and went to shower. I took a deep breath.
I walked out the restroom with a towel wrapped around my waist. I saw the clothes laying on my bed just as Winston had said. Wow, they even organize your clothes and shoes, everything is in order.
"Do you need any help there?"
My eyes widened. That doesn't sound like Winston.
"Ohh, Master Suga. You have beautiful pale skin..."
Footsteps approached me. I felt a warm hand on my back.
"So tempting" she whispered in my ear.
I felt the hairs on the back of my neck rise.
She giggled.
I turned around. "C-Clara...what're you-"
She placed a finger on my lips. "Shh-Shh, it's okay. I'm just here to help you get dressed, may I?"
She placed a hand on my towel.
"Ah, that won't be necessary I can dress myself. Please leave" I said.
Man, she's really pretty but I can't. If that annoying girl sees something she'll break the deal and I'll be toast for sure. It's so tempting but I can't. The way she's looking at me right now is enough to drive any man insane.
She smiled. "Well then, I'll be waiting outside the door then master. Your breakfast is almost ready." She bit her bottom lip in s sensual way and walked out of my room.
What a babe, she looks even hotter in that maid uniform. I took a deep breath. Get it together Suga.
Sara: Good Morning Ms. Marie
"Can it Sara. Where are my clothes?" I asked impatiently.
Sara: Clara has gone to get them.
"You two are useless! You know I despise waiting!" I yelled.
Sara: I'm sorry madam, it won't happen again.
She bowed.
I scoffed. "Hmph. I'll pick out my own clothes, leave my presence at once!"
Sara: As you wish.
She walked out of my room. I sighed. What's the use of having maids when at the end of the day you're going to have to do things on your own?! I walked to my closet and stepped inside. What to wear? Hmm, what to wear? Something cute? Or something sexy? Maybe classy? Or casual? Ugh, I have no idea. I'll just go with cute. I picked something out and got dressed.

......To Be Continued......

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