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Hello Battle Nakama!

Here we are, this week has been fun. We had some fun for intense battles and we are now ready to crown our Easter Champion!

Before I do I just want to say thank you to everyone who participated. This was a great experience and you all made it so special. I loved seeing all the debates and I'm happy to say (for the most part) there was no real bad arguing so thank you for that! Because of the success of this tournament I've decided to do more in the future so please keep a lookout for that.

Now without any further waiting here is your Easter Champion!


What can I say about Alucard? He did t just win this tournament,he destroyed it. He dominated with only Madara putting up a fight. Every match won with a decisive victory.

Alucard truly is the best this tournament had and it's no question that he is the Easter Champion. In reality did anyone expect anything else?

Thank you again for participating everyone! Keep a look out for future tournaments

For this tournament and all Super Sunday's: follow the collection!

As always thanks for reading and have a great day!

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@SonTyler Im up for some brainstorming. message me if you want some help.
@TuxedoSoul when the time comes I'll message a few people
@SonTyler sounds great
alucard really -_- why not just put ten ten up against broly and let her win