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You can tell how much I like a character by the amount of times I draw them...huh. So I know I spoke of a series of drawings I've been working on and One Punch Man is not one of them lol though I could; you guys let me know. I also included a second photo because it just doesn't look like a drawing lol it looks like a computer image and I didn't know how to prove it wasn't.
I've noticed a significant decline of the amount of likes my drawings are getting and I'm just curious as to why that is. Be out the character or the art is bad I just don't know, (don't kill me when I say this) but I would usually think that my drawings aren't getting enough likes because my art is bad. I KNOW that it may not be the reason, but I just lack so much damn confidence...ugh One Punch Man: Speed of Sound Sonic Filter: B&W/Sepia