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I got the rose ver. my ticket is a bambam/jackson and my card is JB. ❤ JB is bae some of these photos I'm gonna need a clear scan of bc they were meant to be poster now time for the photobook
this photo book If looks can kill all got7s are dead.
my bias is JB but have you seen Mark, like what you trying to do there mark with those looks. xD with my finger in corner it looks like Jackson is scared of it.
group photos. freaking love this so much. bambam going sexy as hell, everybody giving their feels worth of looks.
can anyone translate for me
I am definitely going to that concert coming up for to save. OK need some help on deciding which ticket level to buy. bc they are all different. lvl1 group photo lvl2. hi touch lvl3 signed poster lvl4 general admission I don't know which one I want more. the photo or the hi touch. so hard to chose. so I'm hoping to poll it. comment hi touch or photo please to help me decide. please and thank you the end. but isn't it to die for
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well I am giving it a week and if it doesn't ship by then I'm cancelling and buying it elsewhere
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@RebeccaLondon well it is shipping from Korea, what Did it say about how long shipping would take. bc mine took a few weeks.
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it didn't it isn't even shipped yet
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I'm going for the photo, hi touch is nice but I'd like to have something more memorable, maybe you can hi five them too... You never know 😉😉
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