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When my family first saw Naruto, they all said that Sakura was the anime version of me. Oddly enough, I couldn't argue in the least bit. When I was young, I was shy. It took me forever to warm up to people. When I did, I wasn't too quite. I was also a major crybaby. It sucked. Then we moved. I met my best friend and her brother. Her mom was pregnant at the time. We got along like Ino and Sakura. She decided that I wasn't mature enough, so she got all New friends. That's when I started hanging out with our brothers. My brother acts a lot like neji. Her brother acted like Sasuke and their youngest acted like Naruto. They were constantly fighting. I didn't fangirl like Sakura but I sure had her temper. They always found New ways to make me mad. When I first punched them, they all were left with bruises and knots for months. My told me that, just like Sakura, I look all sweet and innocent but I pack a powerful punch. I may as well be Sakura without all the fangirling. May not be Sakura's story to the dot but, I feel a connection to her. As I got older, the boys got stronger. A lot stronger... and due to medical reason, everyone pitys me, just like they did with Sakura when Sasuke left... They still do... I understand Sakura's dream of being able to stand next to Sasuke And Naruto. To no longer look at their backs. Because that's my dream. I hate how they're moving so far ahead but everyone freaks out if I even try to. One day though. I will stand with them one day. For now though, I'll just continue to fight.
@rexamisprime Well then. It's nice to meet you, Naruto.
@LorettaHon nice to meet you Sakura-chan
@Sara3 Thanks!
i like her a lot too and i wish u luck and the strength to endure.
That's awesome. And if you rilly are that much like Sakura then one day you will catch up with them. And I guess I'm most like Naruto. I suck at school I have the worst grades, I'm always in trouble for pulling pranks, or getting into fights for people looking down on me. I can't ever stand to see my friends getting hurt if I do I lose it and go try to kill that person responsible. It yet when I get in fights I almost always win because I don't give up I keep getting back up and in the end I outlast them and still more strength then they do. And now when I fight someone now that I'm older they leave in bandages because I'm not some little shrimp anymore lol
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