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Guys I get it okay your hurt about Kai dating but chill. A lot of people congratulate the two but some people can't get over it. My heart actually hurt when I hear the news. I'm okay thought because I wish Kai only good things in life. Also because Sehun is my #1 bais but Kai was up there in my list. I'll rather see Kai with someone sweet like him then sad. We also know that Kai is know to defend people when they are being called out on their looks. I'm sure y'all have seen the date with EXO when they went to a high school right? The MC asked a girl that dance really good why she was still fat. The camera cut but you see Kai going to defend her. Also on Hello Counselor he and Lay were guest. He defend the girl that was being called fat by her family. He is a SWEETY so for people to say that he thinks EXO-L are ugly is stupid. The picture used for this accusation was from a game were he had to draw an EXO-L in seconds so that my rant pls support Kai and Krystal okay guys?
I support them, I may not know Krystal besides that she is from f(x) and that her sister is Jessica( if I'm not mistaken) Besides from what I have read they knew each other for 10 years. So for them to become friends, best friends and to start dating is actually kinda awesome. Plus just by looking at Krystal I can tell that she is really sweet and amazing. So in other words; I SHIP IT
I support them I th ink they are a cute couple
I support them! Them both work so hard to keep us happy, they deserve to be happy