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Kuranosuke Koibuchi From the anime Jellyfish Princess❤

This amazingly beautiful Anime Character is one of the most fashionable Characters I have ever seen in anime! There are three main reasons as to why she will always be my favorite fashionable character. 1.) Besides always making herself look fabulous she helps make her friends (hardcore otakus xD) look amazing as well! 2.) She believes every girl is a Princess, that some just forget along the way❤ She will do anything she can for these girls and thinks that even thought they are hardcore otakus they are beautiful princess as well. 3.) This amazing beautiful fashionable character happens to be.. a BOY xD Which is why I love him even more! (He is not a Drag Queen btw he just like to dress in women's clothing because it is the closest thing he has to his mom) I highly recommend this anime (Jellyfish Princess) to everyone it is really funny and cute! @InVinsybll @hikaymm @PRroxx05 @AtisutoMeru @tbell2 @gabemartin @qveenknip @BlackoutZJ
thanks I'm going to try it out
What's this Anime about
Oh ok!
@Priscillasdoor I kept calling him a her until the very end so that the people who dont know this fabulous boy would be surprised about his true sex. I wanted to make it interesting I know he's just a cross dresser.
@lizbethruiz617 About a girl who is super shy and loves jellyfish.. she lives with other girls in like an apartment/dorm and they are all like otakus af😆 they all love and fangirl over a certain thing but they are like antisocial and dont like really pretty girls (they even shun them😆they also dont like the idea of guys being in their home) the girl who loves jellyfish then oneday emcounters a very beautiful and very helpful girl.. that is actually a boy😆 and other stuff happen tbat make this anime super cute and funny I really enjoyed it and I think you would too
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