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So NAKAMA, Naruto or shippiden sequel?? Which is your fav?? NAKAMA, try rolling through some Naruto manga, maybe all 72 volumes as well as the sequel single release and even maybe the light novels too!! Haha, this would be a shinobi kinda day for some shuriken and kunai to be all over the place as well as manga laid out everywhere trying to do a Naruto manga binge!! Maybe one day isn't enough haha!! Naruto forever!! Manga 4ever!! Get your shinobi on with Naruto and the team 7 adventures in some Naruto manga adventures NAKAMA!! Ya know?? Haha
I'll get there one day lol my collection is just barely half of yours.
I like Naruto shippuden, they took the show and the characters in much further depth but I have to say Naruto. I just have this wonderful nostalgic feeling whenever I rewatch it.