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No time to say much, but since I always find myself shying away from shades that don't go perfectly with my natural lip color, I decided to go with something a bit more exciting! Here's my lip of the day....

Red, red lips!

Paired with a pretty natural eye. This is just a red lipstick and lip liner from Essence, so pretty cheap, but I loveeee the look! I used a brush to apply so it won't smear too much :) It's held up so well so far!

Loving it way more than it thought I would!

I even wore neutrals to help them pop more lol, but this pic is so not clear? Sorry!
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@hikaymm good for you! I need to make that transition. Mac needs to make that transition too
@hikaymm cool!!! Interesting name!!! You know, I'm horrible about lining my lips when I wear lipstick!! Lol 馃槀 I only line my lips when I'm going out somewhere fancy. I'm a bit lazy when it comes to makeup so I'm always looking for products that double up and pack the most punch. Lol 馃槀
@MyAffairWith I'm soooo bad too but @jordanhamilton keeps reminding me it might help me love more colors so I bought 2 cheap liners from Essence to match the rest of my lip colors (ibona already owned 1)! I mainly like them bc they seem to help the color last
Yesssss!!!! Go you!!!! 馃馃馃
@hikaymm I didn't know liners helped the colors last. That's a new one for me. I just thought it helped fill in the lines and made the lips look sexy 馃榿