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Hello VIXX community!! I'm here to bring you the schedule for the VIXX mod squad! We have lots of fun things planned daily and weekly. I hope you all enjoy
Monday: VIXX Meme Monday Tuesday: Hyuk Day + VIXX Community Member Highlight Wednesday: Hongbin Day + Mandy Candy by @MandyNoona Thursday: Ravi Day Friday: Ken Day Saturday: Leo Day + VIXX Screenshot Game by @AimeeH Sunday: N Day Aimee and Mandy will post cards giving more details about what they will be doing. Now the VIXX Community Member Highlight is like what @kpopandkimchi does, (credit all goes to her) We will choose one member of the VIXX community to highlight. So if we choose you, you will receive a message with a few questions and you can expect a card all about you on Tuesday!! This will all be so much fun and I hope you all enjoy it:)
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yay!!! I can't wait to see what my other fellow VIXXENS prepare the St☆rights have aligned! lol