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FAKY is a female Japanese pop four-member dance and vocal group under the avex trax sub-label rhythm zone. In July 2013, teasers of the group members were released through avex trax's official YouTube channel, and on the 29th a promotional video was released for their debut song "Better Without You". After they debuted with YouTube exclusive tunes, they started to release the songs digitally in January 2014. Their first single "P.O.V." was announced with a video shoot but was quickly cancelled in early 2014. On June 16, 2014 it was announced that the group would be ceasing activities for the remainder of the year. The group planned on making a comeback under a revamped FAKY in 2015. Nevertheless they decided to release a digital mini-album called The One in early July. Here the song "P.O.V." found its place in the track listing. In September 2015 a comeback sign and a new FAKY logo were uploaded to their official social networks and website. On October 16, the first teaser was uploaded for their return, titled "FAKY is BACK", and new member Akina was introduced. -
• The band name was created by combining the two words FAntastic and toKYo and also stands for Five Ass Kicking Youngsters, and also the band name was originally derived from the word Fake to challenge themselves to bring something new and real to the Japanese music scene. • The band was the same project as avex trax's former boy group Da-iCE, which was also introduced with a YouTube exclusive tune, but it's the first time in the label's history to introduce members with individual teasers. Message for girls: Do what they want, the way they want.
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