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Everyone I know or met or just looked at across the bar because she had cool pink hair and an undercut loves Legend of Zelda. They've all played the game and tell me, "Paul, Paul, don't you love it? Don't you love playing it?" and I'm just like, "A duh, I'm alive."
And this morning I found myself surprised with the news that someone made a tribute to the original game with a new twist. They made it a full 3D world and shifted the perspective to one that's more isometric than the original.
And honestly, it looks really, really awesome. I don't know any of that technical stuff, so I can't really speak on how they made this game or whatever but I can say that it's definitely fun to play.
If you want to try it out for yourself, click here. I played it on my computer but apparently you can also play it on your mobile device with the on-screen controls that are provided for you. I'm not sure how well that works though.
Also, if you do play it, it's still a work in progress so it isn't the whole game. Not yet, anyway. Hopefully they finish it without getting a cease and desist from Nintendo because this looks like a great way to relive a classic NES game.
And as soon as the full version gets released, I'm probably going to end up playing this game instead of actually working (because who likes working anyway?). What do you guys think about it? I love the thing.
@TurtleyTurtles Yeah it's super fun! I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'm also glad it works well on the phone
Omg this was so much fun!!!
Okay this is friggin awesome. I only played a little bit just now on my phone, but it actually looks really good and if the creators get a chance to finish it I think it'd be a great revival of an old classic. Also, @TreverMoon you should play this a little bit, it's pretty cool
Wow! This is really cool! I never actually played the original, so this is a great excuse to play! It looks so good, and plays well on my phone, so far. My boyfriend is a huge Zelda fan, and has recently played the original, and said that it looks really good. He's excited to check it out, too. Thanks for sharing this! What a great find! (I've been super bored, lately, and needed something to play on my phone!)