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From the Desk of Paul I. Droid, CEO of Droid Corp,

It pains me to say this but our human factory workers have been at a standstill. Our current contracts that supply us with all of the proper components to build our budding robot army/workbenches, have not been working in our favor. To put this simply, we just do not have enough resources to complete any of our current projects.
This is sad news, I know. But our employees don't seem to have all the perks they need to properly build the robots that I had promised to build. But don't you worry. We recently signed a new contract that will allow for our robot factory to have the necessary components to build all of the new robot frames I have promised you.
In the mean time, I ask you to stay vigilant in this human-to-robot process. It is one that is filled with pain since we will be transferring your consciousness to a new entity. It will hurt, we promise you that but afterwards you will never hurt again.
So, sincerest apologies to @SAMURXAI, @TurtleyTurtles, and @poojas for the hold up on your new robotic bodies. I will update you soon.
And if there are any others who would want a robotic frame and do away with their organic vessel, please let us know as soon as possible.
I'll let it go this time Droid Corp, don't keep me waiting or I just might pull my funding for this little mad scientist project of yours.
Thankfully, I have already undergone half of the process, so it won't be as painful for me! I've been waiting in this half shell long enough, but what's a little longer? I look forward to when this process is complete! We will be waiting! 馃槉
@SAMURXAI haha if I knew anyone at Bethesda, I'd call them right now
exactly! lol Bethesda, if your listening, pretty please?
@SAMURXAI that'd be real awesome. like setting up supply lines from one world to another! and maybe trading gear and loot too
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