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ok so awhile back i did a bias ranking on BTS and i basically had the boys ranked by how much i loved them (btw, Yoongi is my #1) i had Jin placed as #4, but then i realized how much i loved him, not just as an idol but as a person in general
For those who don't know who he is, i'll tell you real quick!! Kim SeokJin is oldest member of BTS. He is the vocal, visual, and basically mother of the group. Unfortunately, he is also the most underrated This man is literally a piece of heaven. He cares so much for his hyungs and looks out for them the best that he can. He shows unconditional love not just to his members, but to his family and fans as well. It just breaks my heart to know that he is just looked over. Aside from being immeasurably adorable , he is so hardworking and passionate about what he does!! He is so dedicated to his career and talented beyond compare (i mean c'mon people, have you heard his Mom cover?!?!) Don't get me wrong, I love all of Bangtan from the bottom of my heart and they are no exception; they are a group of hardworking, angelic lil dorks that i value not just for their music, but for who they really are (ill save the rest of that for another card cuz this basically leads into another topic, lol) But some love for Jin!! He is definitely my #3 in my bias ranking and I love him and support in every way possible. Can't we all do the same, please??
BONUS: did i mention he was really cute cuz he IS!!! i mean Sweet God!! he can go from King of Aegyo to Sexy Broad Man-Shoulders in .05 sec!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! ok im done, have a blessed Monday~ ❤✨