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Every Wednesday I, VIXXEN UNNIE, will provide you kind folks of the VIXX community with what I and my friends have labeled "Mandy Candy"

But there's a catch! You have to vote for what you want to see ^^

So here's a few examples of what Mandy Candy is.

Now... I'll give you 2 options to vote on. After a week of votes, I will plaster the winning choice all over my card on wednesdays.

Option 1: Cha Booty

Option 2: Binnie Abs

Vote in the comments below 1 vote per person please

(If you have suggestions for future Mandy Candy you'd like to put up to a vote comment or PM me anytime)

Here are a few rules of etiquette I'd like you to keep in mind.

No explicit comments. Yes we all know oppar is a sexy beast, but let's keep the hormonal comments to PG-13.

Requests for future votes can be made via PM or Comments, but please no outrageous or 19+ requests. (I will not post oppars panty line sorry folks)

If the vote is a tie or *gasp* I get no votes at all, I'll pick the subject myself. *evil laugh*

other than that, have fun and vote vote vote!

Chabooty 😏
Chabooty :D
As represented of ((( Binnie ))) myself.....I think I shouldn't VOTE for myself "BinAbs" right??
So difficult!!! My vote goes for Bean Abs though. Sorry booty!
Binnie abs!!
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