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Ch. 17
“I kissed Y/N and she kissed me back.” Tae was explaining to his members what’s going on between Y/N and himself. Every time Y/N’s name was mentioned Key would look at Tae with the “I’m going to kill you look.” It made Tae laugh at first because he couldn’t take it seriously at first but after a while it just got old and boring.
“You don’t have to worry Key, she’s in love with you. When she realized what she did she told me to take her home and she couldn’t get home fast enough.” Tae told Key.
“Are you going to give up on her?” Key asks. Tae took a minute before he answered.
“I’ll never give up on her. I’ll love her forever, and if you ever break her heart I will be there in a flash to repair it and I’ll make sure she forgets you.” Tae replies. Key sighs and bows his head.
“Just exactly how did you end up in her life Tae?” Key asks. Tae smiles.
“I met her at the airport, she looked dazed I stopped her from getting hit by a car.” Even Tae’s members didn’t know how he met Y/N. She just ended up around them and they just went with the flow.
“Airport?” Key asks. Tae nods his head.
“Yeah when you left apparently for your work. Before your accident. You remember.” Key thought for a moment. Key nods his head, hoping Tae wouldn’t notice the confusion on Key’s face. Tae thought Key was acting off. So he tested him.
“When did you meet Y/N?” Tae asks.
“We’ve known each other our whole lives, but because of my training we lost contact and when she came to Seoul we found each other again.” Key replied.
“Where did you meet her again?” Tae asked, hoping he would get it wrong to prove he couldn’t remember her special place, and why she fell in love with him. Maybe that could be his way to push them apart.
“Why does it matter where I met her again, the fact is I met her again.” Key replied. Tae just smiled he knew from Key’s response that he didn’t remember. Tae grabs his phone and hits Y/N’s number from his speed dial.
“Hello, Tae! Did you get my message? I hope Kibum didn’t hurt you.” Y/N speaks.
“Hey Y/N, yeah I got it nah, we’re good. We just had a conversation man to man ya know.” Tae says with a laugh.
“Ouch that hurt.” Tae said.
“What hurts?” Y/N asked concerned
“Oh nothing, I have a busted lip and I bit it.” Tae explained.
“Oh okay, well is Key still with you?” Y/N asked.
“Yeah he’s sitting in front of me, we were just remembering about your special place and why it’s so special to you.” Tae said.
Why would they be talking about that? That’s random. You thought.
“Yeah, uhhuh, sure. Okay, well let’s hang out later okay.” Tae said as he hung up the phone. Key looks at him.
“She wants you to go home.” Tae says as he places his phone in his pocket. Key stands up and is about to walk out the door.
“Tae, I don’t have a problem with you being her friend, what bothers me is you attempting to steal her from me.” Key said. Tae felt that Key was a little unconfident in the area of Y/N’s heart. Honestly Key wasn’t sure how much Y/N loved him, but he assumed it was enough not to be swayed by a person like Tae. Key walks out of BTS’s dorm.
“Tae, don’t even think about it. Let it go. Y/N’s never going to look at you other than a brother or friend.”
“That’s a start isn’t it.” Tae replies with a smile. Tae walks off to his room.
“We need to find that boy a distraction.” Jimin says. Everyone is in agreement.
Key finally arrives back at the apartment building and he gets into the elevator, but before the door closes a woman dressed in a little black dress, high heels and gold accessories gets into the elevator, Key bows his head and smiles at the girl. She smiles back, she is about to press the button when she sees the floor she wants is already lit up so she just pushes the close door button.
He looks at the girl from behind and he finds her very attractive looking at her reflection in the elevator door. Key notices a smile across her face. And before they get to the designated floor and before the door opens the woman moves closer turning around and gives Key a passionate kiss. Key’s eyes open wide in shock as the door opens and he sees Y/N standing in front of the elevator looking at him kissing another woman. Key tries to push the girl off but she holds him tighter. Y/N just turns and walks away, finally Key was able to break free.
“Who the hell are you?” Key asks. The girl just shrugged her shoulders and walks out of the elevator. Key leaves the elevator looking both ways not sure which way to go if he should follow Y/N or that woman. But the face of Y/N pops into his head and he knew where he should go. He quickly runs to Y/N’s apartment puts in the key code and opens the door.
“Y/N, Y/N,” Key shouts her name but doesn’t hear any response. Key searches the apartment Y/N isn’t there. He grabs his phone and calls her she doesn’t answer. Why is she mad, she kissed Tae? He thought to himself, why is this any different. Key didn’t even kiss her back he didn’t have time to.
You found yourself at Kristie’s house. You knock on the door and waited for an answer. When the door opens Jackson rubs his eyes to see if he’s seeing clearly.
“Y/N what brings you here?” Jackson asked.
“Is Kristie here?” you ask. Jackson nods his head and motions for you to come into the house. Walking towards the living room. Kristie is sitting on the couch with a book in her hand. Kristie looks up from her book at you. She could see your upset.
“Hey Y/N what’s wrong?” Kristie asks as she jumps from the couch throwing her book on the couch.
“He kissed her. He kissed someone else.” Y/N said in between sobs. Kristie holds you and walks you towards the guest bedroom. She lays you on the bed and climbs in with you.
“Tell me what’s wrong.” Kristie asks stroking your hair away from your face. You let out a sigh and wipe the tears from your face.
“I went out with Tae last weekend, and he kissed me, I kissed him back,” you pause but Kristie just listens she’ll save the bitching for after hearing the whole story so you continue.
“I told Kibum about it after making love last night. I was feeling guilty about it and you know how I can’t keep something secret it eats me up.” You explain, Kristie just nods her head in agreement.
“Key gets mad and leaves. I called Tae to see if he had seen him and he did, he was over there, but when he comes back I wanted to meet him at the elevator. And when the doors open he was kissing some woman. I know I shouldn’t have been upset but it just hurt.” You waited for Kristie’s response.
“So, you kissed someone else and he kisses someone else and now your upset and you left him at your apartment.” Kristie repeated, you just nod your head.
“Aren’t you being a little bit childish, now you know how Kibum felt when you told him you kissed Tae.” Kirstie said. You looked up at your friend and realized she was right.
“You’re right, I’ll go back.” You get up and start to leave the house when there’s a knock on Kristie’s door. Jackson opens the door, and there stands Tae.
“Y/N!” Tae shouts and runs into the house past Jackson almost jumping on top of you knocking you down. Tae holds you tight and after letting you go he looks you over.
“Thank god you’re not hurt or anything. You shouldn’t just leave like that.” Tae said. You push him away.
“I’m fine.” You said in a disappointing tone you wished it was Kibum, and when you looked at the door there he was. You take one look at each other and run to him wrapping your arms around him.
“I’m sorry for everything I shouldn’t have gotten upset with you, you have more right to be upset with me. I’m sorry please forgive me for leaving like that.” You cry into Key’s chest, your waiting for him to wrap his arms around you but he doesn’t do it. Instead he places his hands on your shoulders and pushes you away.
“Let’s take a walk.” Key said. You look at him and nod your head. The both of you walk out.
“What’s going on Tae, how did you arrive with Key didn’t you two fight.” Kristie asked. Tae just smiles and walks out of the house. Tae stays a few yards away from Key and Y/N but watching them non the less.
Hmmm...Tae or Key?! Take, Key?! Ohh boy*smh*
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