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Ch. 18
The air was cooler, and the smell of autumn was in the air. Key stops you in your tracks and places his jacket on your shoulders he smiles at you but he doesn’t speak. Key turns around and continues to walk. You turn your head still frozen in place and watch him walk away, you feel a sharp pain in your chest and you feel like you’re going to throw up. You were afraid he was going to break up with you. You slowly turn and walk in his direction when you noticed he had stopped and was waiting.
“Are you going to say anything to me?” you ask after you caught up with him. Key lets out a big sigh.
Key stops and turns to face you. “I think we need some time. I mean I haven’t been back long and we just picked up right were we left off, without thinking that maybe we had changed.” You feel your chest tighten. It’s true he’s breaking up with you.
“I’ll be going to my place after I walk you home.” Key said and he turns back and starts walking off again. The rest of the walk was quite no words were exchanged between the both of you. When you reach your apartment Key didn’t even bother to walk you to your apartment he left at the building door. No kiss, no nothing just a “C-ya and I’ll call you later.” You fall on the couch wrapping yourself up in his jacket. Key’s smell lingering on the jacket made you want to hold onto it forever.
You wanted to disappear, you knew he had a point you needed to clear your head and choose who you wanted more Key or Tae. Right now you only knew Key, he was your first everything of course you were focused on him.
You get up off the couch took a shower, cleaned your house. Looking through your appointment book you see work is going to be light this week so you have free time to figure things out. So you plan to get all your work done and then take a mini vacation. Your boss approves your work and off you go.
You get into your car and just drive, you have no idea where your destination is but that’s the whole point. You turn on the radio to have some back ground noise, but when you hear BTS’s I Need U, you quickly change the station and it’s your favorite radio show. Kiss the radio, and their guests where SHINee. You heard Key’s voice and you went to change the station again but something caught your ear.
“So Key, is there anyone special in your life?” the host asks. You waited nervously for his answer. You knew he had to deny it but you hoped he would hint at something so you would know.
“Actually, there is a girl I like, but it’s not the right time to make my move.” Key said. You only hoped he was talking about you. You turn the radio off and kept driving, before you knew it the ocean wasn’t too far away. You found yourself parking near a beach and brought out your camera.
You walk around taking pictures the salty air hitting your nose burning it a little bit since you’re not used to it. You keep walking along the beach enjoying the sound of the sea. You watch a family chasing each other around and running into the sea and coming back racing the little waves that hit the beach, the little kids trying so hard not to get caught. It puts a smile on your face and reminds you of happier times with your family. You missed your parents, when you lost them you thought the world was ending and you didn’t want to stay here you were all alone. Then he showed up.
You were laying on your bench near your favorite tree in front of the pond. You had been crying remembering your parents it hadn’t been long since you moved to Seoul but you missed them terribly. All of the sudden the warmth from the sun had disappeared and you uncovered your eyes. Looking down at you were a pair of cat eyes. You recognized those eyes immediately.
“KIBUM!” you say, and his eyes grow wide.
“Y/N!” Key responds. You sit up and get up to your feet. Realizing it was your child hood friend you gave him a big hug. Key wrapped his arms around you and held you tight.
“OMG, what are you doing here, where are your parents how are they doing.” Key just starts off running questions he stops after mentioning your parents and seeing your face change.
“Their gone, they were in a car accident a few months ago.” You reply.
“I’m so sorry I didn’t know.” Key says and takes you in his arms again. Key felt so warm and comforting you enjoyed being in his arms at this moment when you were remembering sad memories. Key shown a light on you and found you in the darkness you could never repay him for that.
Key motions for you to sit back on the bench and he sits next to you. You both catch up on the latest news. You talk what seemed to be hours, he takes you to dinner and makes sure you get home safely.
“Hey let me have your phone for a sec.” Key asks. You hand over your phone and Key smiles after a few moments.
“Here, now we have each other’s numbers so we can get together again. It was really great finding you again Y/N” Key hugs you one last time and then he kisses your forehead.
You snap back to reality. It wasn’t much but it was enough of a memory to make your heart yearn for your cat eyed boyfriend. You knew who you wanted you’ve known all along why did you even have to think about it. Yes, you loved Tae, but he wasn’t the first person you thought of he wasn’t the person always on your mind. It was always Kibum.
You pull out your phone and call Key’s number. Your sitting on the beach patiently waiting for him to answer, but he doesn’t answer. You have to leave him a message on his voice mail. “Please call me as soon as you get this I need to talk to you.” You hang up and get up off the beach. When you get back to your car you make another call.
“Hey Tae, it’s me Y/N.” you wait for a response.
“Hey girly what’s up.” Tae asks. You take a deep breath.
“I love you, I consider you my friend, my brother I don’t see you as a man. Please find someone who will love you who will deserve you.” You wait for a response. You hear Tae give a sigh.
“Before I have even tried to steal you away from Key. You love him that much?” Tae says.
“Yes, I do, he’s my Key, my Kibum.” You reply.
“Okay Y/N, if I can’t have you as my girl I want you as my friend I can’t have you not in my life so please don’t be a stranger.” Tae says being the bigger man and letting you go even though it broke his heart. Back in his mind, he hopes that if it ever changes he would have first chances with you.
@MaritessSison I have an alt. ending too.
@merryjayne13 Wow would love to read it! The original you put up was very sweet 😊💖
Aww Key was always number 1 in her heart💖💖