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Ch. 19
It’s been a month and you still haven’t heard from Kibum. You kept telling yourself that he’s just busy with promotions and couldn’t make time for you. You were in denial your friends told you, but you choose to stay strong and go on with life. It’s what he would want you to do.
Your boss calls you into the office.
“Hey Y/N, come in here for a moment.” Your boss says. You get up from your desk and head on into the office.
“What’s up.” You ask. You’ve been working as a photographer for years and just started doing freelance a couple years ago. You were lucky your company allowed you to do what you wanted but you were one of their best photographers so they allowed you company perks.
“There’s a job in L.A. next month we would like you to shoot for, are you interested?” your boss asks. You’ve never been to America and always wanted to go. Without thinking you accepted the job. It was going to be a week in L.A. Your boss hands you a folder with all the details inside. You bow and go back to your desk. While flipping through the information you realize that this trip was scheduled for the same week as Kibum’s birthday. You didn’t know what he had planned even if he was able to celebrate his birthday not working but you already accepted and figured Kibum doesn’t want to hear from you anyway so why not.
You weren’t surprised that you would be photographing an idol, since that was a big part of your job. Your flight and hotel have already been booked for you. You just had to bring your things and yourself.
Once out of the office for the day you call your best friend Kristie.
“Hey girl guess what, I’m going to America next month!!!” you hold back from screaming into the phone you didn’t want to make your friend deaf.
“NO WAY!!! Not fair not fair, I wanna go, please take me with you!!” Kristie yells into her phone, you wish your friend had the same respect for your ear drums as you did for her but you should have known better. You make plans to meet Kristie at a local bar that isn’t too far from your apartment that evening to discuss your trip.
“So tell me, who’s the lucky idol you’ll get to be taking pictures of.” Kristie asks. You shrug your shoulders.
“I don’t know I won’t know until I get there.” You take a drink of suju and a bite of your Korean beef lettuce wrap. Kristie was about to bring up Key’s name when she see’s someone behind you.
You feel someone place their hands on your eyes and say “Guess who?” without hesitation you knew who it was.
“Hello Tae.” You said. Tae sits down beside you.
“Hello Tae,” repeats in the same annoyed sad tone you said just a moment ago.
“Hey what you’re not happy to see me?” Tae gives his pouty face; you can’t help but laugh.
“Sorry, I’m in my own world at the moment.” You reply.
“She’s going to America next month.” Kristie doesn’t hesitate to tell Tae. You look at her like “What the hell man” look and she just shrugs her shoulders and places another bit of food in her mouth.
“Wait what!” Tae looks shocked.
“Yeah, I’m going for a photo shoot, it’s only a week.” You said offering Tae a drink.
“Oooh okay then, so it isn’t a permeant thing.” Tae sighs with relief. You and Kristie laugh.
The rest of the evening goes fine, you send Kristie home in a cab, because Jackson was busy with promotions with his group GOT7. Tae walks you home, it was a quite walk with little talking.
“So, have you heard from Key lately?” Tae asks. You shake your head no. You really didn’t want to think about Kibum at the moment, if you did you would want to text or leave a message on his voice mail.
“Well I saw him the other day, he’s doing fine don’t worry.” Tae blurts out and you look shocked he said that.
“Thanks for the update but I don’t want to know. He doesn’t ask about me I’m sure.” You reply. Tae bit his lip he couldn’t decide if he should tell you or not.
“Actually, he did ask about you.” Tae said. Your head spun around and you started asking Tae a million questions. Tae was feeling overwhelmed with pressure. Tae regretted saying anything now.
“He asked if you were doing okay. And if I saw you to tell you hi.” Tae said.
“That’s it, that’s all he said. He didn’t say have her call me or that I miss her?” you start to get annoyed. You huff and started to walk faster.
“Goodnight Tae.” You said as you walk as fast as you could to your building. You couldn’t get to your apartment fast enough. Here you’ve been thinking about Kibum worried about him and waiting for a text, phone call some sort of contact and when you finally get something it’s just a little “hi”. You were mad, you couldn’t wait for your trip.
The weeks flew by and before you knew it you were at the airport saying your goodbyes to Kristie, Jackson, and Tae.
“Guy’s I’m only going to be gone a week. I’ll be back.” You say with a laugh.
“We know, we just wanted to see you off.” Kristie said. Jackson and Tae nodded their heads in agreement. You give them one last hug and wave goodbye and walk off towards your gate. You were nervous even though you’re a famous photographer you haven’t been flying much and didn’t like flying. You felt yourself getting nervous once you were on the plane. You watched the other passengers enter the plan checking to see if there were any kids or babies on board. You believed that if there were then the chances of a plane crash were slim to none, because God wouldn’t be that cruel. You don’t know why you did this but it had become a habit, and once you saw what you were looking for you could relax and sit back in your seat. You place the eye cover over your eyes. You had just taken a sleeping pill because it was your routine to be able to fly.
Aww Key will come around.... I have a feeling about the idol for the photoshoot hehe!!
I have a hunch about the idol.....