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Calisthenics Workout - Muscle Ups & Handstand Walks
Just a quick video of some calisthenics that I did on Sunday. Still trying to perfect my form on my muscle ups without bending my knees. Also I'm trying to learn how to do a handstand and the progression I'm currently on is the handstand walks. It's harder than it looks and I can barely do 3 reps when my goal is 3 sets of 10. This is gonna be a while... Bodyweight Mastery Program: http://calisthenics.pw
Kudos for all the progress you've made so far!!!
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@shannonl5 thanks! Just trying to stay consistent and inspire/motivate others to just get out and move!
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that was inspiring! that video was perfect timing for me. I started getting into calisthenics about a week or so this is just what I needed.
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