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The best discovery in cleansers I’ve made so far is Burt’s bees soap bark and chamomile deep cleansing cream. Who knew that Aloe, Mentol, soap bark and chamomile would make such a great baby! After my experience with that Korean cleanser, I went on a mission immediately to find a great cleanser at the drugstore and found this baby. After one use of this cleanser, my skin was singing hallelujah! It was on a joy ride, a deep orgasm. It was saying, ‘yes, yes, yes’ just like that Herbal Essences commercial. I immediately waved buh-bye to the Korean cleanser and said, ‘Hello, soap bark and chamomile deep cleanser! You and I will be married for a LONG time.’
Now this isn’t my first time using a Burt’s Bees product. I do use their shampoo and toner. While I love these products, they haven’t made me feel like this before. Once I started to use this cleanser, I noticed that a glow was back in my skin, it felt clean and rejuvenated. The damage done by that Korean cleanser was melting off my skin. All the cells in my skin started to wake up and I felt like the clock turned back a decade.
I’m on cloud nine right now with this cleanser so I won’t be listing any cons. :) This review is coming from a die-hard fan of this cleanser and I wanted to share my joy with you all.
• Cleans the skin
• Brightens the skin
• Removes all the dirt
• Has cooling and soothing effect
• Leaves the skin soft and supple
• Smells amazing
• Great to use in the morning because the smell will wake you up and it can also be used in the evening for relaxation as well
• I can safely say this can be used on oily and dry skin (but don’t quote me on this for oily because I have dry skin)
• Most people who use this cleanser have seen great and healthy looking skin and I can vouch for that.
I would give this cleanser a five star and would definitely recommend this cleanser to anyone.
This cleanser will become a part of my skincare routine for many years to come :)
Do let me know if you use this product and love it or if you don't. If you do love this product, say BuzzZZZZZZ!!!!
Check out the Burt's Bees website and see what other people are saying about this cleanser:,default,pd.html?cgid=facialCleansers&start=9&q=#start=9
Picture is also from the Burt's Bees website.
I've been using foam cleanser for the longest time but a couple days ago my skin started to feel dry by the cheek area. It's probably because the pH of my skin changed after the season got a little warmer. I might try this next month! Also, how did you like Burt Bee's shampoo? Just wondering if I should try out their hair product line.
amazing and cruelty free? I'll try this one once I'm lower on my cleanser ;)
This was a really great card, I just ran out of face wash this morning and I've always really liked burt's bees products. Maybe I'll give this one a try next!
Bought a burts bees cleanser today!!
@TessStevens thank you!!! I hope you like it if you do decide to buy this product. Its done wonders for me and I hope it does wonders for you too!!!