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Day 5 - Anime You're Ashamed You Enjoy The 1st thing that came 2 mind when I read that was this anime, "Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch." My interests are kinda on the tomboyish side. Something so colorful & girly-girl as this normally repulses me. It's creepy on so many lvls. & on top of that, having this kind of thing associated with me is sooo embarrassing! I'm ashamed 2 admit I actually enjoyed this anime, not all parts of it, there were some parts that annoyed me sooo much... But I did enjoy it as a whole. Part of the storyline is what I liked, & I watched it 2 appreciate that aspect of it.
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i loved this anime so much! a part of me wants an English dub to it (but keeping the original songs in Japanese)