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So you're probably thinking I am going to write a long-winded essay about how it's important to let go of an ex, or whatever. But I actually want to talk about something a little different. I want to talk about letting go things that may hinder your ability to live a wholesome, quality life.

Yes, I'm about to drop some wisdom on y'all.

And I am about to get really real with all of you.
Just a few days ago I received a text message from a family member who I love very, very much. But I had not heard from because they purposely have removed themselves from a lot of people (including me). And this has hit me very, very hard. So much so - I had built a bit of resentment.
You guys, I am the queen of trying to thinking positively. I surround myself with positive people, I count my blessings every single day, and I try to spend time doing things I know will build a more positive self (hiking, meditating, laughing, having a work-life balance). However, sometimes shit happens and you end up finding yourself backed up against a wall, trying to fight against things that are trying to beat you down.
When I saw the text message,I immediately scoffed and felt anger choking my spirit. Then I stopped myself for a second and said to myself,

"I need to let this resentment go. Because at the end of the day, the only person who will be severely affected by this, is me."

When we are resentful towards others, we are suffocating our lives. We stomp back-and-forth, thinking that our piss-poor attitudes will actually make anything better, and it actually doesn't.

In that moment when I was drowning in anger, I learned to let go...and live.

And this lesson can apply to so many situations in our lives. That person who did us wrong - whether that's in our family, work, romantic life...we need to just let it go. And that's not to say that we should be submissive to acts of abuse or neglect. We still need to love ourselves! But we should learn to control what we can control - and that's how we respond, act, and feel about certain wrongs.
We can either dwell and resent, which does nothing but wipes us emotionally.'

Or we can say, 'fuck it. I'm going to let it go and keep it movin'.

What a beautiful card. I'm trying this too. Letting things go is really hard sometimes, especially when those negative feelings come from people we love and trust or respect. I think you're on the right path, and you sound like you're a very very wise person. Don't let that stuff get you down. Good for you girl!
@TessStevens thank you :) :) :) ...I really appreciate that. All we can do is live positively!