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Good or Gross: Green Tea Conchas

A cafe in Los Angeles called Winsome is now selling matcha conchas. According to The Flama, pastry chef Leslie Mialma began to bake these goodies when she learned how make pan dulce from her husband, who is from Morelos, Mexico. After a few failed attempts, she finally was able to perfect the green tea conchas.

Is this something you'd try?

Good or decide!

@AnimaniaFreak It sounds similar! The actual bread part of a concha is really soft and fluffy, but on the top, you've got almost this thick cookie crust with coarse sugar on top.
anything with/made/smells green tea I will try honestly 😧😧😧
What is a Concha? I've never heard of these before.
This is SO Los Angeles it hurts lol. I feel like LA/Orange County is all about that authentic Mexican and Asian fusion.
interesting... I would be up for trying this.
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