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soo I was tagged by the wonderful! @sammie99522 to pick my top 5 from my bias list....the rules are Q1: how did he/she make it to your top 5 Q2: what is your favorite thing about their personality? Q3: what is your favorite thing about their physical appearance? Q4: was it love at first sight? Q5: what's your first impression of them? Let's get started!!!!!
#1!!! my ultimate. Lee Hyukjae aka Eunhyuk from super junior. Q1: he made it to my top 5 because he is so....special. he's hilarious, incredibly talented, and a cutie! I love his soft heart more than anything. Q2: as I mentioned, I love his soft heart. he isn't afraid to cry, he loves his band mate, and he works super super hard for elf. Q3: I love his jawline!!!!!asddfghjk you could cut your finger open on it. Q4: absolutely love at first sight. I saw him mr. simple and automatically knew he was my bias. Q5: my first impression was that the man can dance. and that he was beautiful.
#2 Park Chanyeol Q1: he made my top 5 because of his happy virus self. he is always happy, and he's super talented. He genuinely loves his music and is just an all around dork :) Q2: I love how childish he is. he loves his friends and loves to joke around. Q3: his smile is to die for. I love how you can count his teeth haha. Q4: not really love at first took me watching exo next door to reeeaaalllyy discover my love for him. Q5: my first impression of him, unfortunately, wasn't much. I first noticed kai, but when I first noticed chanyeol it was "dang his voice is deep"
#3 Park Jimin Q1: this little angel is top 5 because of his heart. he is the sweetest thing on God's green earth. He loves his friends and you can clearly see his passion for dancing and singing. Q2: his kindness is what I love. he is so encouraging to his friends, he always makes sure they are ok, and he comforts them when they need it. Q3: his smile. I'm a sucker for a guy with a good smile. when he smiles his entire face lights up Q4: it was not....I noticed kookie first.... Q5: when I first heard of jimin I was hearing about his horrible diet and I got super protective and I didnt even know him. I wanted him to be safe.
#4 Daesung Q1: he crazy. he is adorable and wonderful! Q2: I fell in love with his hyperness. he isn't afraid to do the most Q3: his smile (are you sending a trend?) his face lights up like :) Q4: kind of? I didnt really like big bang at first(i've changed dont worry!) but this man caught my eye in fantastic baby Q5: I thought his voice was sick and so was his body ;)
#5 Jackson Wang Q1: his wild and crazy antics. I love how much of a jokester he is and how talented he is. Q2: his crazines. he is honestly one of the funniest ppl. Q3: everything Q4: pretty much. I thought he beautiful Q5: everyone was posting things about him on tumblr so I got curious. I thought he was beautiful and hilarious.
well that was tough....
@AubriePope they sure are. 馃槉
@SarangRavi they are just so loveable
Jimin and Jackson are pretty high up on my list too.
@AubriePope this is a great list. Thank you for playing. 馃
Eunhyuk! I love him even though Heechul is my suju bias! 馃槏馃槏 And Jackson 馃槏馃槏
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