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JR PoV She was sound asleep in my arms. I rolled the side and placed her head on the pillow. I quietly left the room to speak to Mark. I walk down to his room and knock on the door. He opens and peeks his head out. He opens the dorm wider and walks out and closes it quietly behind him. We walk to the living room. I scratch the back of my neck and say "So ummm, Veronica told me about her ex. Do you know who it is?" He searches my face quietly and I see the sad look in his eyes, "She won't tell me. I just know we use to all he friends. From my understanding this took place while I was here training." I sigh. "I feel so helpless that I can't take her pain and anger away. I'm at the same time I feel so blessed and lucky she calls me hers. That she allows me into heart." Mark smiles at me and pats my thigh. "Did she tell you about the flowers, weird cryptic notes sent with them and how she thinks she is being followed?" I look at him in confusion and then I realized she cried herself to sleep after telling me about her past that she didn't get the chance. "No she told me about her past and cried herself to sleep as I whispered words of endearment and love in her ear. I'm sure she is planning on telling me. In the morning we will make a plan with the guys since I start shooting my movie soon." He nods his head and we both get up and say goodnight. "Oh and you really don't have to worry about Jellybean and Marshmallow they care for Veronica like I do like the rest of the boys do." I felt relief run through me. I nod my head in acceptance of what I heard. I lay down beside her on my bed and scoop her up in my arms. I kiss her forehead, nose and then a soft kiss on her lips. She sighs in her sleep, and I hear her whisper my name "Jinyoung." I smile knowing she's dreaming about me In the morning she wakes and she tells me about the stalker she says. I told her we would make plans. We go out to eat breakfast with the boys. She gives them all a hug but she gives Bam Bam and Mark a tight squeeze. She's closest to these two. She smiles at them. "Man I'm sore from all the martial arts yesterday. Mark I think this bruise is from you," She says teasingly. mark points to about six bruises on his body, "I only gave you one compared to all these that you give me. I texted pics to my dad and guess what he said." She points her finger to her chin "Hmm let me guess, Good girl make her future daughter in law." She and him laugh. He shows me the text and the rest of the guys the text message. "How did you know he say that?" we all ask except Mark. "He says that everytime I use to give Mark bruises in our training. Everytime Mark and I would say..." She looks over at Mark. They both say in unison "Argh incest, we are like siblings, " and they both pretend gag. "We don't see each other at all in a romantic view. " She and Mark say again. They laugh "Oh Markie, I told Mama Taun you are dating someone." He groans. "You are evil. That's ok I told your brothers and father you are dating Jr." She spits out her milk everywhere. "You say I'm evil. Don't you care about Jr at all? Omg we need to save him." She looks at me and Squeezes my hand. I look at her worried. "Honestly you don't have to be afraid they are just more protective ever since." I got her drift. I kissed her temple. Then we explained the situation to the other members. She also mentioned how Ash is dating Hoseok from BTS and how she told Ash tell Hoseok about them being followed. I felt relieved more bodies to help protect the girls. Over the next few weeks I saw Veronica more and more and fell more in love with her. It was when i started filming my new movie we had less and less time to see each other. But we still texted everyday.
My Pov Over the next six weeks Jinyoung and I managed to go out on secret dates. He brought me to some magical places that he goes to for solitude. Every moment I spent with him was a moment of pure heaven. The moments I was away from him the exact opposite, pure hell. My mind would fill with words of doubt and self loathing. The letters and flowers never stopped coming. He just added stuff animals and photos that he took of me. It was beginning to become that I did not want to venture outside my house. I knew if I did that he would win. I am stronger than that. The girls would try to cheer me up. I would laugh, dance, and joke around with him. I started to bake again to relieve my stress. So the house was always filled up with goodies. BTS and Got7 where regular guests. I spent a lot of time uploading more poetry books and new artwork which was dark. Rapmon even bought a couple of my paintings for his and Kookie's room. I smiled when he texted a photo of its placement. I smiled at the photo. I smiled at the text Jinyoung just sent me. "On the set of the movie and I miss you and love you Angel." My self doubt starts settles in and with that doubt comes my self hate. I still take my medicines but I don't think they are working too much. I look up flights to see my counselor in California instead of Video Chatting with her. I really need to see her face to face. I made my appointment for 3 weeks from now. I have the urge to self harm but instead I turn to music, poetry and painting. With this creative juices come in a nice cash flow. I am going to quit working soon. I just need to muster up the courage to tell JYP and everyone else. They have all really made me feel like family. I am just about to break at the seams when Emm comes in. I see her and Luna's smiling faces at me and I burst out crying. They come running over to me and hug me. I sit there and just cry in their arms. I vomit all my feelings at their feet about all my self doubt and hate. They hug me and say girls night in banning all boys. We hear the doorbell and go to answer it. Standing there are Jackson and Mark holding ttwo adorable animals one puppy and one kitten. Luna holds out her hands and takes an adorable white fluffy puppy from Mark. "Happy 6 month Anniversary jagiya!" Mark kisses her cheek. Now I feel bad, I will make both of them go out on their dates. Emm takes a fluffy grey and blue kitty into her hands and it instantly purrs. "Happy 6 month anniversary to my sexy baby!" Jackson kisses her nose. I feel really bad because I notice they are both dressed up to go on dates. "Emm and Luna we can do girls night tomorrow. It's no problem. Really.," I say and give them a genuine smile. Mark looks at me and Jackson too and notice my red puffy eyes. "Noona, what's wrong. They sandwich me in a hug. I struggle to escape. "Nothing a girl's night can not fix." I lie. Just then Aaliyah, Ali, Mandi, Ash, and Mari come out and say "We got this. You two go on your date. We will have dance party tonight. And tomorrow we will have movie night with all of us No boys!" I smile at this plan and hug the girls. Emm hands me Pucca the kitty and Luna hands me her puppy; Nuni. They both cuddle right up in my arms and make me smile for real. I go to the living room and settle them down on a pillow on the floor and the two animals cuddle each other. All the girls say "Awe!" We break out the Wii and start to play when I receive a text message from an unknown number. "Soon will be the time we meet, Love. And I'm excieted. Aren't you?" I chose to ignore it and forget my troubles by dancing with my family. The people who care deeply for me and would help me with whatever. The girls notice my frown and come read the text message. They each send a reply back to the pervy stalker. "You will never meet this Angel you creepy perv. Go die in a ditch," Aaliyah types. "Ya, be glad we don’t trace this and stab you a million times and gouge out your eyes. Leave our sister alone," Mandi replies. "Come out of hiding and meet us. I'll be happy to make you a eunuch" Ali sends. "You think you are crazy and psycho but you haven't dealt with 7 pissed off girls and their boyfriends. You'll be lucky to even breathe the same air as us. Come out of hiding and lets see how scary you really are. Stop using Shadows to play this game." Mari sends. "Bitch go suck a dick, and choke." Ash sends. I have tears running down my face in laughter at all the messages they sent. I love these girls so much. My self esteem is starting to come back and the doubt leaving. "Let's get this dance party started. The one that loses cleans dishes tonight. Call?" Aaliyah asks. "Call," we all say. Hours later snuggled up in my room with the animals and Aaliyah. "You all let me win, didn't you?" She rolls her eyes "Nah, of course not" she says sarcastically. I laugh. "I love you little sis. Good night" "Good night."
I fall asleep and soon I'm reliving a nightmare from my past. My ex boyfriend Derrick has his hands around my throat a knife in my side. I'm trying hard to breathe and buck him out of me. My hand manages to find my phone. I hit the emergency button to send for an 911. He sees me and crushes the phone. He looks down at me. He leaves me lying at the park on the blanket to die. He comes back minutes with a police officer. "Help someone attacked my girlfriend" The police officer asks me who did this. My vocal chords are crushed so I use my eyes to say it was Derrick but the police man is not following me. I try point to Derrick but he distracts the police officer. Shortly after an ambulance arrives. I tried breaking up with him that day for the first time, it didn't last because he found me again. I go to the next time he attacks me in my dream. More stitches and a rape kit completed. I take the morning pill after. He beats me again for taking the pill. Bruises cover my face, my body has stab wounds on my back and stomach. Again bleeding. This time he drops me off in front of the hospital. I cry for help. I am too scared to press charges. I flash to the last attack he ever got a chance to do. His member thrusting into me with a knife pressed against my neck. I open my phone and call Jay and I scream his name knowing he's right around the corner in front our therapy building waiting for his ride. He comes running with my brother and Gray. They punch him off of me not before he release his seed inside of me. the knife nicks my neck as he falls off of me. They start beating him up as a policeman comes. I am hyperventilating. Jay wraps me up in his arms.
I wake up gasping for breath. Tears silently streaming down my face. I call Jinyoung. "Angel," his groggy and sleepy voice sounds through the phone. He hears my sniffling. "What's wrong do you want me to come to you?" "Nightmare. Will you come and sleep with me?" "On my way sweetheart." Thirty minutes later and I hear the knocking on my door. I quietly let him in and we go and lay on the couch. He cuddles with me on the couch and wraps a blanket around us. He presses a kiss to my hair. "Will you sing to me?" He softly starts to sing and I fall asleep in the warmth and safety of his arms. As I fall asleep I say, "I love you," and press a kiss over his heart.
..good lord this is some hard reading ... but very, very good!
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I KNEW IT WAS JAY!! Ahh! This is so sad but so happy...ugh can't wait for more!
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