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As the Warriors inch closer to breaking the 95-96 Bulls regular season win record, the majority of the players on the team have been silent about the issue, until now.
Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen evidently doesn't think Golden State would match up well with his record-setting Chicago squad. In a recent interview, he said the 1995-96 Bulls would sweep the Warriors in a hypothetical series between the teams.
"Bulls in four [games]," Pippen said during an interview at an AT&T event in Houston.
Pippen predicted that he would draw the assignment of guarding league MVP Stephen Curry, while Michael Jordan would guard Klay Thompson. "I think that my size and length would bother [Curry] a little bit," said Pippen, who declared that he could limit Curry to fewer than 20 points.
I think the most important part of the question that Pippen didn't speak upon was that the Warriors would also have to guard the Bulls. Who's stopping MJ? Who keeps Rodman off the glass? Who defends Pippen? I think this game is full of mismatches.

Who do you think would win in a playoff series: The 95-96 Bulls or the 2016 Warriors?

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@davidgom Idk brother, I think the Bulls played together as unit very well. Their role players are also a lot better than they get credit for
2 years ago·Reply
@davidgom not a big Phil Jackson fan also, but he def had more experience than Kerr, So edge is there
2 years ago·Reply
@duckthefodgers I'm not an old head, but Im not a believer that this style they are playing this year will beat teams like Spurs or OKC when it matters most. What happens when the 35 ft threes and quick shots stop working? What happens when teams start punishing them down low due to small lineups
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@mchylang I'm going to go Bulls with this one also. I think the Bulls will have a better chance adjusting to matchups
2 years ago·Reply
Also who's keeping Rodman off the glass if you put Green on Jordan?
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