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Surveys suggest boys' emotional needs are being overlooked.

There's a lot of controversy in America when it comes to sex-ed. Who should teach it? What are we supposed to teach? How can we make sure that kids are making safer decisions when it comes to their sexual health? We all know that we need to do something about teen pregnancy, suicide, and STI prevention. But it seems like we can't agree on what. And in her comparison of the Dutch and American sex-ed models, sociologist Amy Schalet discovered that many boys and men feel that their interest in love and romance is being ignored.

According to one survey, boys chose having a girlfriend and no sex over having sex and no girlfriend by two to one. So prioritizing love over romance is far from exceptional.

Yet a lot of American sex- ed classes don't discuss romantic attraction except in the vaguest of terms. Nor do we receive information about healthy ways to deal with our feelings. How should we respond if we get turned down, or dumped? What's the appropriate way to resolve a conflict? When is a good time to discuss sex, and how should that conversation go? All teenagers- including boys- want to feel intimacy, and are emotionally invested in relationships. We get to learn all about the risks of romantic relationships (like pregnancy and STIs), but where are the lessons about the joys?

Let's do a community survey!

Of course you're welcome to comment below, but just in case people are shy about discussing these issues: Here's a link to a community survey! I'll share the anonymous results shortly! Let's find out how Vinglers have learned about love (and sex) and what we think those lessons were missing!
Again the link to the survey is ---> HERE
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Men are human beings too, they want to feel loved and connected with someone. I'll take the survey now! :-)
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