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Honestly...I have no idea what gift to give them but just hugs, kisses and support but I feel like they need more than that.
For Markie Pooh, I would have just gave him a lot of hugs and hand shakes for being a great role model. Maybe a few gifts like a Winnie the Pooh toy xD
For our childish but aiding leader, Handshakes and a medal with 'Best Leader' on it. I want a medal in return for best IGOT7...I'm kidding xD
For Wang Puppy...Hmm....He was hard for me but maybe I can just give him my friend..She loves him...Or just give him any girl and tell him that she is her soulmate... Guys too xD
For this Bubbly Oppa, I probably would have given him like cat ears because I think he would look cute in them...Or since his ideal type is a girl with a lot of aegyo I'll just make him squel like he does to me xD
OMG! I have the perfect gift for Youngjae, FOOD! That man is skinny! I know...You're probably thinking, 'How about BamBam? Or Mark?' Well yeah they're skinny but... I don't know Youngjae doesn't get much attention so I feel like I would show him love with food and smiles.
For our Dabbing BamBam, He really loves G-Dragon and envys him alot. So as for, Both BamBam and GD are my biases in their group so for Bammie I'd give him a GD album. Or a Bigbang album. Either their 'MADE' ablum or their 'Alive' Album.
For the Innocent Maknae, Yugyeom, He doesn't get a lot of attention either and I love him as much as the other members so I'd tell him to keep being him and love himself... Plus I would give him hugs. Actually, if I were to meet GOT7, If I ever get the opportunity, I would first approace Yugyeom to make him happy because I want everyone happy :D

And for all of GOT7 together....

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Gifts for them would be difficult. With them coming to Atlanta soon, we started thinking about it.