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Ok so today's manga Monday is about a series called 'Alice in the Country of Hearts'. This particular series is sorta split up into sections. The section we are talking about today is the, 'My Fanatic Rabbit' section. I just read these two books today and I loved them!!! They make you laugh, they make you grimace, they make you cry, and they make you angry! But it's mostly comedy. But I have to say that this is one of the series that just pulls you right in!!
Q: What's it about? A: the first book- "One day, a mysterious rabbit-eared man named Peter suddenly appears in Alice's garden and kidnaps her, whisking her off to a dangerous world where every resident brandishes a weapon. Trapped in this land in the midst of a three-way power struggle, Alice accepts the offer to stay at the Hatter's mansion. At the mansion, Alice meets Hatter's right-hand man, Elliot March, who sports a pair of bunny ears! Alice cannot get over the fact that likeable, charming Elliot is actually a Mafia hitaman willing to kill people without hesitation...in this all-new Wonderland manga, the March Hare has finally arrived!!"
Second book- "In a dangerous country where every resident brandishes a weapon, Alice has been invited to stay at Hatter Mansion, home of Mafia boss Blood Dupre and his right-hand man, Elliot March. The more time Alice spends at the mansion, the more attached Elliot becomes to Alice. But will his affections prove dangerous for Alice's other Wonderland friends...or for Alice herself?! In volume 2 of this all-new Wonderland manga, the March Hare has finally arrived!!"
Hope you guys enjoy this manga!! I'd suggest reading the others too!!!❤️😍👌😉✌️ if you want more manga suggestions check out @InVinsybll 's collections!! See ya!😬✌️