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We always talk about the heart broken. The persons whose world is shattered. The way they can cope. But what about the heart breaker? The person who did the hurting? What happens to them? I was that person. 4 years ago I turned to the other side of my bed, kissed him one last time (although he didn't know it) and told him we couldn't be together anymore. I was the heart breaker, and I learned that 4 things happen when you break someone's heart.
1. It's always going to come as a shock. Yes some people have a mutual break up. But I'm talking about breaking someone's heart and that will always come as a shock. Because they thought you loved them as much as they loved you.
2. You will have to do it twice, because everyone expects a second chance. Break ups aren't always smooth. You see them again so they can get their stuff and they will always assume their will have a second chance. It's almost worse the second time, because even you dont realize it's real until that second time.
3. You lose the right to ask for anything. I don't know why I thought this was ok, it was my first time breaking up with anyone, but as he went to leave, tears in his eyes I asked for one more kiss. He said no and I don't blame him. Who was I to ask for something after ripping us apart without warning. You don't get to ask for anything in return. When you break up, just let them leave.
4. You will feel like shit. Because hurting the person you use to love, even if you don't anymore, will break your heart as well.
I love vingle
@jazziejazz because I can feel the attachment growing and its not mutual. they want love that Im not ready to offer.
I understand. I was like that for a long time, until I found someone that I feel pretty good about. But yeah, I'd say focus on what you want and need. If you're not finding what your want in a person, keep it movin'
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