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Where you want to admit it or not, there is a distinct difference in the vibes at a Trump rally in comparison to Bernie Sanders.
Members of the “Free Hugs Project” recently launched a new social experiment that highlights the glaring climates of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders’ respective rallies.
The results won't surprise many, but I feel obligated to share them with my fellow Vinglers.
Trump supporters were cold when Ken E. Nwadike Jr. approached them wearing a shirt and sign that read "Free Hugs. One person even swiftly said, “I don’t want any drugs” before he was able to explain the premise behind the campaign, “Make America LOVE Again.”
While attending Sanders’ rally in San Diego, Calif., with the same attire and sign, Nwadike received a different reaction, one that he initially sought out since the launch of the “Free Hugs Project.”
Catch footage of the event above.

Are you surprised at the reaction he received at the Trump event?