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The Internet can rock... But then again the Internet and TOTALLY FUCKING SUCK. Let me explain. For some reason, in the past few years, the Internet has gone viral with crazy "beauty" challenges and tips such as the "thigh gap" or "the Kylie Jenner lip challenge." Well there's a new one in town, and it has somehow found a way to body shame women's KNEES! What the fuck?
The IPhone 6 knee challenge was trending on Twitter a few days ago and it's all about making sure your knee caps can be hidden by an IPhone. Like how dumb is that? But seriously, these "beauty trends" need to stop. Because one size does not fit all and beauty should no longer be described in things that are missing and gaps in between flesh. I never thought I would have to say this but, to all women out there, your knees are beautiful.
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I mean if your knees don't fit you can always break off the bones! I mean what's more important to you looking good or being able to walk? smh
This is getting ridiculous. You know the worst part about these trends? A lot of them are started by someone that has nothing better to do than to mess around with women that have low self esteem. Seriously, I've seen people start up stupid trends, knowing they're stupid, just to see who would follow them. And women with low self esteem are eating these trends up, hoping that they can fit in, or look good enough for others.
i saw one from japan. the wrist challenge!! Wrists Over 2inch are NOT cool/sexy blah. Measured flat width.
i did measure mine, its a *great* acheivment under 2in.
Ps the thigh gap ( *roll eyes* ) comes from fashion. Catwalk models are SO often teen GIRLS and under a healthy weight. then WOMEN have to, if they want to be popular/cool etc