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I really love seems more like a fan fiction but cooler heh
12)With school ending, you failed to find your necklace. Oh damn....I still have cleaning duty! Its with that troublesome Wonho.... So I walk towards my class....hoping I am not too late and what I find shocks me...its Minhyuk and the teacher 'Wonho is late. Ah... that boy better come quick' the teacher says as he looks at his watch. Wonho does come after a while and Minhyuk actually helps the two of clean up! 'You didn't have to stay Minhyuk' I tell him He shrugs 'I really had nothing better to do'. I found that Wonho is not as troublesome as I thought....they botb explained that they practice a lot and it takes time away from sleep. Makes sense!
13. After you grab your backpack and leave the classroom, you find this guy waiting for someone at the entrance 'Kihyun?' I ask....oh he is the guy with the basketball! 'If you're waiting for Minhyuk, he already left.' I tell him but he just shrugs. With that I begin walking down the stairs on my home when I felt someone stop me. I turn back and see Kihyun, 'I actually wanted to walk home with you since you are new I thought we should be friends' he smiles nervously.
14. You refused that but he end up walking anyways. 'No, there's no need I don't live that far' oh my gosh....what is it with these guys? This stuff only happens in dramas!! I begin to walk and notice that he is walking beside this is how its going to be, fine then We did end up talking about random things and I found him to be extremely funny. When we reach my house I thank him and he walks home.
15. The next day when you enter the campus, he surprises you by walking next to you 'Good morning Sam!' Hyungwon greets me. We became instant friends in art class because we were partners and had lots on common. 'Hey, Hyungwon!' 'Do you mind if I show you around the school?' he asks me. 'Sure that would be amazing!' I smile at him.
16. Then this guy decides to tag along because he's bored these guys are too friendly....drama plot seriously! After the tour, the bell rings we all head to our class. When I sit down, Shownu asks 'So, how was the tour?' I smile at him as the teacher comes in leaving me no time to respond. What I didn't notice was that Shownu blushed because of my smile.
17. After class #4 this guy walks me to lunch When school ends you're about to exist the campus until he drags you somewhere. My body was unable to move quickly making me jump a little at Minhyuk's touch. 'Where are you taking me?' I ask him as I get dragged by him. 'You'll see!' is all he says as he smiles. Jooheon followed us both and I start to wonder where we are going.
18. When you three got to the place they let go of your hand and as you look around, this guy drags you into an arcade. As you find out that their friends were also there (the rest of Monsta x) Oh...theres Wonho....that rude guy...oh my they really are all friends 'Let's play this game Sam!' Jooheon says while pointing to a fighting game. Then Minhyuk whines because he wants to play with you instead 'Ah Jooheon, I wanted to play with her first!' he whines and I just stand there.
19. The boys start to argue, so this guy takes his chance to steal you and play another game with you. I feel another arm go around me, 'Lets go you will like this gane better' Wonho whispers and with no chance to protest I was lead to the other side of the arcade
20.You two play air hockey as the boys, except for the two arguing, watch you two play. The two left behind then noticed you two and start to whine to M/N about stealing you away~ As I was finished playing with Wonho, Kihyun tells me that we should play air hockey. 'Its really fun' he says as this time I willingly go with him The boys have gathered around to watch us....well Minhyuk and Jooheon are still arguing. Really troublesome.... 'Kihyun why did you steal Sam away?!' they both noticed and come over to us whining. 'Didn't steal her she wanted to play with me!' Kihyun defends himself It was really hard to contain my laughter.
21. When you finish playing air hockey, you and the boys split into teams. Your partner is (do the screenshot) ~you guys decided that the Winner is based on how many tickets a team gets. Whoever has the most wins and the Losers has to be tied together for the rest of the day. It just happens that your team lost the competition.~ 'Ah this is not fair you guys cheated!' I exclaim as the rest of the guys laugh Hyungwon looks....dead....oh I hope he is alright. The guys go around trying to find something to tie us together.....
22. Before getting tied to your partner, this guy suggests for him to take his place ~ Your partner hesitate for a second, but allows M/N to do it instead of him.~ 'Wait I could take your place Hyungwon' Shownu comes closer as Wonho is going to tie us Hyungwon stares at him, hesitating and thinking about it 'If you really want to do it then go ahead' he tells him (What am I? A freaking potato??? Don't I get a say?!?)
23. Forgetting he's tied to you, he runs forward, which causes you to fall. This guy catches you ~ You guys stare into each others eyes for a second before you stand yourself up. M/N apologizes for forgetting about your guy's situation.~ When we were all walking Shownu all of a sudden tensed up... the guys all kind of stare and as if he forgot he ran forward....or at least tried And so it became the second time I was on my way to the ground...shutting my eyes bracing for the impact I find myself fall against something warm I look back and notice its Wonho smiling....oh no I must look weird get up Sam 'Thank you' I say as I stand up not daring to look in his eyes Shownu on the other hand 'Sorry I forgot about us being tied' he apologizes rubbing the back of his neck I nod and we continue walking....
24. Before heading home, this guy decides to walk you back just in case something bad happens After a while they cut the string and everyone says goodbye going to their respective homes 'Ah Sam let me walk you home, its pretty late out' Kihyun says looking up. 'Sure' I smile as we begin walking.
25. Also wanting to walk with you, this guy tags along ~As (#24 guy) and (#25 guy) walk you home, (#24 guy) stirs up a conversation about how your new life is in Korea. You three talk until you reach your home. You wave them goodbye before entering your house. 'Ah wait let me join you guys!' Minhyuk shouts running to catch up. He walks on my other side... 'So how are you liking it here?' Kihyun asks. 'Its great...I always wanted to move here' I admit 'Really?' they both ask I nod 'The culture and lifestyle is new so I love learning new things and this was just the perfect time' I smile We talk until my home comes into view... both of them wave their goodbyes and I head towards my house looking back once to see him staring a bit.......
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Omg I love the results and nah don't worry you're a freaking sweet potato πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚